December Style Tips

December is finally here – this will be the last 2011 Style Tips! Next month we’ll welcome the first of 2012 style tips! So many years of style tips stored up in the Doll archives…! I hope that means you’re all quite stylish by now! ;D


If you’re short on holiday ornaments, anything can be prettied up with metallic glitter or spray paint. Kitschy salt and pepper shakers or random dollar store figurines (unicorns? bears? angels?) would look lovely on your tree or mantle for the holidays.

Leave red and green in the dust – for lolitas and other kawaii type girls, go for that ‘peppermint’ feel with pink and white stripes. Lavender with white or powder blue with white and a few glittery snowflakes is another great way to decorate without turning to those Christmas staples.

Go fairy-light peeping on a dark, clear night. It’s especially lovely to go through the drive-thru at a coffee shop first, and perhaps even play your favorite holiday music on the car stereo. In Connecticut don’t forget to see the Festival of Silver Lights at Hubbard Park – that’s a favorite for my boyfriend and I.

If you’re decorating with a Candyland theme (my father lined the walk in candy canes this year!) consider these cute and easy DIY candy lights from Oh Happy Day!

Opalescent is the perfect color for holiday makeup – a slight pearly sheen looks lovely on every skin tone in my opinion, and now you can snap it up for cheap with Softlips pearl or shimmer chapstick. I discovered mine at Target and am in love!

Sponge white nail polish and glitter to make a beautiful snowy manicure!

If you’re a photography lover, nothing is cuter than heart or star-shaped bokeh to make holiday photos magical! Shoot them at the tree, candles, or anything with dancing lights!

If there’s no snow, make paper snowflake to dangle around your home or hang in the windows! My local bakery used paper snowflakes mixed in with crocheted and tatted ones for a unique look.

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  • You always have such cute and fun to do ideas! Thanks for sharing these =)

    ~ Kieli ~

  • I love this post! It really made me… re-think the whole look I was going for and try to make my Winter-wardrobe a little better. Thank you for making this awesome post :D

    Oh and I would like to know if either: a. You might want to help over at the Lolita Wiki { and I am user Sirens of Oakvale} or b. Allow us to take elements from this post – with a link here, obviously. I’m under a lot of strain getting all the pages and this is a great idea, and might help us to promote le site >___< You can say no, I don't mind ^_^


    • Hi there! Could you send me more details through my contact? I’d like to discuss this further with you privately :)

      • ShotaLover~

        Ofcourse ^___^ I’ll message you~