Celebrating International Lolita Day!

Sunday was the day my friends and I chose to celebrate ILD this year instead of Saturday – it ended up being a great choice, as the weather was perfect! International Lolita Day for us always ends up being a mix of meetup and Christmas-time tea, complete with White Elephant gift exchange and a lovely afternoon teatime at the Rose House in Queens.

There are so many places to buy Sanrio and Hello Kitty goods in Queens! Really tempting, they had so many different kinds of Hello Kitty products. I was good and did not buy tons of plushies like I wanted – the only thing I bought were keyboard stickers to cover up the guminess of my much-loved pink netbook. They’re marked with the letters of the keyboard but do take a bit of getting used to! Here I am pouting over not indulging in a My Melody plushie… so soft and pink! All of us lolitas got a little plushie crazy!

Among the many, many products, there was also Hello Kitty and My Melody bubble gum!

Then we went to do purikura, which is real treat as the booths are rare in New York City. Unfortunately ToTo will be closing at the end of December – we were entertaining ideas of buying this little pink-saturated business, but of course that’s just a pipe dream. Here’s all of us squeezing into a booth…

Dalin decorating the puri!

One of the ‘walls of purikura’ where you could leave a photo. It was covered and there was another one too!

Only one of the machines sent the photos to my email, the very weird machine that talked with a Barbie-ish voice. These puri were decorated with Venus of Botticelli… and kiwi. The other machine was much cuter! Still these puri are more hilarious than anything else. That’s me in the lilac and pink fade wig! Bottom row, left to right: Lauren, Angela; top row, Crystal and Alex! I also got really cute ones of Dalin and I, my darling blogger best friend! Those I’m going to put in my lolita scrapbook.

After purikura time we headed to tea at the Rose House. It’s a lolita favorite and they’re used to use trekking in and standing out amongst their other customers. Here’s the menu and the teas, all on tea lights to stay warm.

Besides elaborate tea services and wonderful flavors of milk tea, they also have the most amazing waffles. I ordered chicken and waffles – smoked chicken that is – that they serve with honey and whipped cream with sprinkles. I also had rose petal milk tea. It was wonderfully fragrant and delicious, but the rose petals stuck to my tongue… a little awkward to take them out at the tea table!

At tea we had a White Elephant gift exchange. I was the nasty one and ‘stole’ my present, but I just loved the hairbow from the Stone Flower so much! It’s coated in white iridescent rhinestones. Here’s Crystal showing off her new Stone Flower ring and new Icing Sugar cookie ring!

Christmas lights strung across the Queens Cross mall… the mall is mostly mirrors, so the lights were really magical.

Finally here is my coordinate! I was really set on wearing lavender even though I don’t currently have a lavender dress, so I combined a dress and skirt for a pop-ish style. The theme was either winter or ‘what makes you lolita’, so I interpreted this as trying to show my personality in my coordinate. I thought, if I died in this outfit, would that be okay? And yes, I’d be okay if this was the last outfit I ever wore! Simple but sweet and a little quirky.

All Angelic Pretty but for the shoes (Bodyline), wig (MintyMix), and lace tights (Macy’s). A shame the pink tights didn’t show up better, I love them to death and wear them everywhere!

We had one of the best days out on Sunday. I am so grateful for my lolita friends – we really have a fun time together, the laughter never stops! And who else would go to three Hello Kitty shops with me in one day and not only not be bored, but share my enthusiasm for giant My Melody plushies?! I am truly blessed to know these girls – NYC lolitas represent!

By the way, there are going to be many more photos on my Facebook if you’re a friend! I just couldn’t face bombarding you with all of them!


I’d also like to announce the two winners of the Kawaii Companions x Parfait Doll giveaway!

Ally has won the Ichigo Necklace and Jamie Lynn has won the Ichigo Ring!I’ll be emailing you with information about receiving your prizes, so please look forward to it!

And thank you to everyone else for participating – it seems the favorite lolita motif is definitely DEER! I expected something like stars or sweets or even carousel ponies, but deer are something of an underdog – apparently they need more prints!

I hope you all had a wonderful International Lolita Day – what did you get up to?


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  • :O S-seriously?? Uwaaaa, thank you so much!! *____* Ehehe, it’s so cute! I can’t wait to wear it! :DD

    I just love your coord here, by the way! The pink and purple go soooo well together, it’s just so cute! It just shows that even something really simple can look totally adorable if you do it right! :) Especially the layering of the skirts – such a basic idea, but such a great effect! <3

    • Congratulations! You’ll be receiving it soon :)

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the coordinate, just goes to show you don’t have to be too elaborate to be cute! :)

  • Ana

    You all are so cute!!! And sanrio store always amazes me *-* is a paradise!
    WOOOOOW O_O the purikura wall /o/
    The tea set is so cute *-*
    I see you all had a great time!

  • What beautiful pictures! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time, I love seeing all of the smiling faces! And let me say, I ADORE your outfit–simple, structure-oriented, solid-color sweet is the sweet I fell in love with. I love seeing a girl rock the muted pastel ruffles instead of OTT prints! Truly adorable~

    • Thanks! Yup, prints are lovely but simple styles can be very sweet too if you coordinate them well! I’m really glad you like it :)

  • Lindsey Bows And Arrow

    LOVE your outfit!

    The meet-up looks like it was a BUNCH of fun!
    everybody looks great!



  • Such pretty pictures! And I had no idea that little shopping center was such a popular spot. I went there with a friend to shop for things for her wedding but it’s a really nice little place. I hope to go to the Rose House soon. It looks gorgeous~ And I had no idea you were still here in NY. Well I hope you’re having a great time and hope to share more sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing~

    ~ Kieli ~

    • I love the Rose House and that tiny little mall! Most of the Sanrio items were from nearby shops however, not that mall in particular. One is called Morning Glory if you’re looking – the others are on the same street! And yes still hanging out in NYC :) I don’t leave for Seattle & Chicago until the end of the month.

      • Awwww it would have been nice to see you! Well I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! Will you be attending Otakon next year?

        Really? There’s still a Morning Glory around there?! I have to check it out! Thanks! =)

        ~ Kieli ~

  • Andali

    I would like to buy a ring like the flower one. Where was it bought do you know and do they have an online store?

    • This was bought from a shop in New York City – they do not sell online! You’d have to come to New York at Christmastime to purchase the same one.

      • Andali

        Aww, its such a cute ring. Wish I knew someone in New York to buy and post me one. Thank you :) Hope they open an online store one day

  • strawberrycutie

     What was that store called? I’d love to go there!!