Pink Hair Goes High Fashion

While picking up my favorite drugstore indulgence, Essie nail polish, yesterday I spotted something I’d never thought I’d see at the checkout – a fashion magazine with a pink-haired cover girl! I did not even look at the title. I just slapped it down and told the cashier, “I need one of these.” What my impulse buy actually was, was Katy Perry gracing the cover of InStyle magazine with her new mauve-lollipop hair. And yes, she did the real deal – this is not a wig! While the photoshoot is reportedly modeled after scenes from Blade Runner, I feel like the curls and crazy fascinator feel more post-modern Wizard of Oz than anything else.

Pink and pastel hair in general is turning into quite the trend with the Hollywood glitterati set – anything to shake up the press, I presume – but the after-effect is trickling down into high fashion styles for runways and photoshoots. As much as I love street snap tumblrs of real girls with pink or otherwise alt-colored hair, there’s something haunting and inspiring to see how the high fashion world twists the colors.

Ellie Goulding for Glamour // above three mylitleponyhair // Katy Perry // Sam A. at // unknown

To get Katy Perry’s violet-tinged pink instead of the usual pale peach-leaning pink, try mixing a little of Special Effect’s Virgin Rose in with your usual pink concoction (mine is currently Manic Panic’s Cotton Candy Pink, heavily diluted). Mixing your own colors with the high dye is not only easy, you can create unique colors all your own with varied tones besides what everyone else gets out of the bottle.

By the way – think pink is a 21st century trend? has evidence that pink hair was popular as early as 1914 in America. Using the power of Google, you can actually read decades old newspapers – and there it is, in black and white. I guess it’s true – everything always comes back into fashion (still, can we get off the 60s and 70s jag and try another time period now, mainstream fashion world?!)

It’s interesting to watch alt-colored hair wander out of the ‘punk and artsy’ box and mess with the idea of mainstream fashion. While I doubt it will be as ubiquitous at your local mall as, say, the average blonde highlights, it does offer a fresh perspective on the elegance and wearability of unnaturally colored hair.

In honor of this post (and because I know someone is gonna ask…) I did a complete makeover to the original 2009 Parfait Doll (then Lolita Charm) pink hair guide. (Some of the older posts didn’t transfer well from Blogspot to WordPress… unfortunately this means correcting them by hand…) Not only was it a graphic mess, but the text was just thin and poorly written. I hope you’ll find the new pink hair guide satisfactory!

Pink Please!: The Pink Hair Guide

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s also the link to Pink Hair for Hope – $10 donation and you can get pink extension highlights at a salon in your state. (Connecticut has the country’s highest rate of breast cancer… please support!)

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  • Dtignor68

    Great post, especially the pink hair tutorial.  Love the new format.

  • Is it bad that I don’t like it when people without alternative leanings do alt-type things to be different and edgy, or whatever reason they do it? I mean, I like that it (hopefully) makes people more accepting, but it’s like they’re playing dress-up with our look.

    • :P

      If that’s really what they want to do and they aren’t just doing it to try to be “different”, nothing wrong with that. You can’t tell what people’s intentions are on the outside, so I wouldn’t assume that’s why they are doing it. :P

      • Agree to both Ashlee & :P! I think it’s definitely a knee-jerk reaction to think, ‘Oh, NOW you think it’s cool, but not when I was on the subway last week…’ but on the other hand, :P says that you can’t know if they’re doing that or not, and she’s right, it’s best to reserve judgement :) (And yes since you left no name I did call you :P… I read it in my head like PBBBBT like a waggling tongue XD)

  • AyaArale

    Several months ago Lady GaGa was the covergirl for VOGUE and she also had pink hair (I think this was when she released “Born this Way” & her Monster Ball tour HBO special) .

    Reds, burgundys, pinks, and fuchisias are very hot as hair colors atm as most celebs have dyed their hair in that color palette.
    Then again red/wine is a very big fall/winter color in general aside from mustard yellow, dusty orange, black, electric blue, and neutral colors. (but this is mainstream fashion color trends I’m referring to.)

    • I saw that in my search! Need to find a copy for my collection… InStyle was making a big deal about wine and its companions, one of which was ‘bark’. I was like… ‘Yes, bark, definitely my color for fall. What are you wearing? Oh, this? BARK.’ I’m sorry I just liked that XD I like what the mainstream is doing with neutrals currently though, I’d like to see j-fashion do its own neutrals like milk-tea, biscuit, mocha, etc… Mostly we just get chocolate and sometimes almond.

      • AyaArale

        the color I particularly like best aside from dark red this fall is electric blue. I love how vibrant it is and it suits me best since I am a winter. And another current favorite of mine is bronze-y jewelry since it has such an old fashioned feel to it. But to be honest there are so many different trend themes going on this season; however I can say the most predominant is the 60s mod influences, 70s fashion, and vintage collegiate/school girl style.

        I do not really wear any j-brands since I’m broke most of the time, and I absolutely adore j-fashion in general since its a big inspiration and one of the reasons I decided to pursue fashion design (my designs, style-wise is like the sex pistols does a collab with david bowie..and then later on had tea with marie antoinette and betsey johnson).
        However in terms of personal style I wear whatever strikes my fancy. Like if I feel like wearing a vintage sequined vest I”m going to wear it and rock it.

        Though I do salute all who wear lolita since I know it isn’t easy.

        • I love the idea of electric blue this winter, especially for nails or as an accent to the more usual navy and midnight blue to really make them pop. Interesting about the vintage college schoolgirl style – I’ll have to look around for that, since I know the schoolgirl uniform is rather popular in Japan right now for even girls out of school. I’d be curious to see if they could be crossed a little for a unusual global-co-ed kind of theme. I love the description of your style, definitely something I could get behind… Betsey Johnson is one of my favorites too!

          • AyaArale

            lol thanks. I sometimes have a hard time describing the kind of style I design…But I guess that silly scenario paints the right picture!
            As for school girls style, from what I have observed there’s a lot of experimentation with plaids/tartan skirts and jock cardigans sweaters/jackets floating around.

            Another awesome color is peacock (a dark blueish teal), just thought I’d throw it out there. Its gorgeous and looks amazing on nails (just painted my nails this color…and love it!).

  • maria nyan~

    haha funny enough i just also went pink ovo , i dyed the bottom half of my hair oink and im very hapy with it~ 

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’m loving this post! I’m really considering dying my hair, but more than the solid dark “pink-pink” shades I ADORE the paler peachy pink diffused in natural brown or fawn–like the color you were sporting a while back! I think it’s really versatile and sooooo flattering, especially for people with coloring like mine that doesn’t suit candy-bright or neon colors. Ellie Goulding’s shade is beautiful! But I wonder how you could D.I.Y shades like that? It seems trickier than solid colors….

    • A way to get unique shades is to either mix dyes (like two unnatural colors together) or if you’d like a tinted natural color, to either dye your hair pale pink first and then cover it with light brown (what happened with my fawn-pink was an accident! it was due to my hair being ‘stained’ pink) or put the pink over a dark blonde color without bleach. At least that’s what I’d try! Then it might have a pink shimmer or sheen in direct light?

      • Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll definitely look into that! :3

  • vimari

    thanks God, i find your pretty blog <3
    pink hair is my must have!

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  • LOVE it! I had pink hair about 2 years ago (these days I sport teal highlights from time to time).

    XO Sahra

  • L. Figment

    Ah! I love this post!
    I am so desperate for pale pink (or lilac) hair, but my hair being so thick I’d have to bleach the crap out of it…although I’m currently sporting Cyclamen (Crazy Colour) so maybe I could get away with it after the next bleach (which will inevitably happen).

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  • FANTASTIC POST! I’ve noticed the color trend this year in hair hitting the mainstream esp pink hair and I love it! “bout time the normals get a chance to express themselves. I was/am planning to dye my hair next month, you guessed it: pink, but you have just inspired me to do it sooner.

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  • Rachel Horsley

    That dark to pink ombre hairstyle on the bottom of the pics – love it. I’m sitting here with much shorter hair, wondering if I could manage to pull that off. xoxo

  • Alexa

    I am obsessed with pink hair! Such a great post to show that it’s not a ‘new’ thing…and I love that you are supporting Breast Cancer :)

    • I have been intimately acquainted with Breast Cancer Awareness month in my personal life so I thought it’d be a good addition! I’m glad you liked the article :)

  • Sara

    I LOVE wearing my pink wigs. It’s such a nice color, and it can look very classy when it’s a muted, dusty pink. It’s a surprisingly flattering color :)

  • thank you very much! :)