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How to Have a Super Kawaii Tumblr

Tumblr is like an IV drip of photos, quotes and gifs, an IV that drip can be customized, just like a sparkly pink strawberry frappucino, to give you the highest dose of cute fashion content, glitter and Sanrio love your brain can physically stand. If you haven’t yet joined the ranks of heart-ers and rebloggers around the world, you are definitely missing out! Think of all the pink and kawaii photos you could be devouring right this minute!

But… what if you’re not kawaii enough to fit it? Oh no! What if the other kawaii bloggers reblog about you and say mean things? Never fear, my pastel darlings, I have the ultimate guide (in five easy steps) right here to having not just a cute tumblr – no, a super kawaii tumblr.

1. Generate a super kawaii username.

Using the words from a few lolita prints will usually do the trick. Here’s some buzzwords you can easily mix up into a cute username: star, princess, candy, milk, pony, magic, parade, strawberry, candy, sugar, music, honey, rabbit. Go crazy.

2. Find a super kawaii tumblr theme. Install it.

This is self-explanatory (psst… try cute-backgrounds on tumblr. You’re welcome). For computer experts: cover all your info with blinking gifs of unicorns and cake with faces.

3. Use a photo of a cute girl for your userpic.

Not a photo of you of course! You want a photo of some typically kawaii girl, even if it’s someone else’s! Girls with colored hair, lolitas with blush Microsoft Paint-ed onto their faces, or Asian models are all excellent choice. For bonus points, don’t mention your real name. Change it to something sugary cute, or make your real name sound Japanese. Tip: try combining basic syllables from your own name to make a Japanese name. Emily can be Emi, Marissa could be Mari or Risa… Endless options! Be creative!

4. Blog. Okay, reblog.

Finding original pictures? You don’t need that kind of hardwork! Just reblog any cute photo you see of lolitas, Rilakkuma, Starbucks, big eyelashes, or cute anime girls. Foolproof: search tumblr for the word ‘kawaii’; reblog everything. Required: Intersperse with the odd hentai (anime porn) picture or adorably printed foul language, to let everyone see how edgy you are even if you are kawaii. Bonus: pink cats with inverted crucifixes.

{image via}

5. Now you’re super kawaii!

How do you stay super kawaii? You’ve gotta keep practicing! Keep your kawaii quota up by…

  • posting GPOY (gratuitous pictures of yourself, preferably the ones where you wear big glasses and pouty lips with a V-sign)
  • reblogging non-stop from morning ’til night
  • remind everyone when you’re going to sleep
  • post pictures whenever you buy anything remotely cute, or
  • whenever you eat anything at Starbucks, a Japanese restaurant, or a French pastry shop
  • start a blog pretending to be your toy dog, cat, pet bunny, or hamster

And don’t forget to thank you followers! After all, they’re all kawaii bad-asses too!

Hey… in case anyone didn’t realize… this is just for laughs! After all, I’m a stereotypical kawaii tumblr too ;) Comment with a link to your tumblr if you love kawaii microblogging too!

We Heart of the Week (8.14.11)

Welcome back to this week’s edition of We Heart Of the Week! It feels good to get back into the swing of serving up adorability and favorite sites after the brief hiatus of last week ❤

Want to add just a spritz of color to your life? The Beauty Department has an easy tutorial for tipping your hair with rainbow colors.

Need a cute new bag to match with a coordinate or just jazz up your upcoming school year? There’s plenty to be found at Taobao’s Bani Rabbit! I love this pink backpack…

If you’re stuck inside (it’s raining here today…) or have a few hours to kill, try watching vintage episodes of the 1986 television show ‘Moondreamers’! Watch all the episodes here.

{image via Paula ~♥ on Flickr}

No need to stick to stock! The Pullip Lolitas pool on Flickr shows off lots of unique, customized, and well-dressed lolita dolls. Here, a customized Pullip wears a doll-sized model of Wonder Party.

Always wanted temporary candy-colored dreads for sweet punk lolita or simply street style? Fizzy Pop Locks has great dread extensions for reasonable prices, even in marshmallow-style swirls!

I’m drooling over the latest items from I’m Your Present on etsy as well! Who wouldn’t want a pink reflective necklace that says bunny or kitten?

PrettyShinySparkly shows how to do the sweet-and-simple trend of the half-moon manicure.

A great philosophy on being well-known, ‘Internet famous’ or ‘irl’: Seth Godin explains concisely what it really means.

That being said… has 5 shimmery-rainbow reasons why you should keep blogging.

The cute madness of Parfait Doll continues next week – see you then!

Sugary Carnival Twins

At this rate we’re going to have a doll blog! Only a few photos this time, a little extra post!

My favorite Pullip store was having a sale, so although they were sold out of the doll I want next, I did manage to snag one of the lolita doll outfits I’d been wanting for a while.

Here’s Miss Skye decked out in Sugary Carnival black colorway! See the tiny marshmallow APs? The set only comes with dress, bow, and pony bag… no blouse or socks. I bought it for another doll I’m hoping to order soon (secret!) who comes with her own blouse, socks and shoes, so no worries. In the meantime Skye is a little ahem, indecent, with all that bare skin.

This was also my first time experimenting with a foamboard false wall. I chose some pink striped ‘wallpaper’ and carved a space for a dollhouse window frame which I’ll most likely paint white and add some curtains to.

And here are the two girls twinning… I don’t think Violet is that pleased, she’s definitely got a quit-copying-me kind of look! I’ll take more twin shots when I can find them an appropriate sofa…

I also just finished a little deco project – a new round pill case to carry in my purse. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s a very classy and princess-y look. I got a great deal on the supplies by ordering a ‘kit’ from Taobao – an assortment of pearls and crystals and a few cabochons in various sizes and shades or pink, white and cream. I also just used E6000 for the first time – these stones aren’t going anywhere! I’m never going back to Diamond Glaze. If you’re not using E6000 on your deco projects you are missing out! I really recommend it.


Trinkets from Otakon 2011

For a long time I didn’t have a camera, so it’s been hard for me to get into the habit of taking pictures regularly at events. I was so excited to get up ‘n’ go that I even forgot to take outfit shots over the weekend. May the lolita gods forgive me! My favorite things are really more souvenirs and ephemera that I’ve collected than the photos I took…

The Baby booth was fairly slim pickings, but I found a bow I had wanted that was sold-out online! I love the pink Swiss dot veil. Baby designers Kano is in the pink and Mitsuba of Alice and the Pirates is in the black floral. I got a photo with them that didn’t come out very well…

The Unicorn Sonata is an original novel by the author of The Last Unicorn (Peter S. Beagle) who I got to meet for the first time. I have never been starstruck before and now I have a serious crush! He kind of reminds me a little of Sean Connery, Dumbledore and Gandalf mixed together which I am sure doesn’t help! This book is beautifully illustrated with glossy paintings and of course autographed. His daughter is named Victoria as well!

One of the girls I met at Otakon had a small photo album where she kept autographed postcards and other ephemera from her favorite brands and stars, and I decided to do the same thing. This is my collection of ephemera that I usually jam into drawers… I used an out-of-date Baby the Stars Shine Bright calendar, some Japanese stationary, and GLB stickers. I still have to do the cover and ‘title’ page. It’s a great keepsake and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it.

IBI and MINT from Sixh signed this card for me and gave me a Polaroid with them! I was really surprised, I think it was because I dropped more money than I should have at the H.Naoto & Sixh booth. IBI is really, really cute… I was so smitten when they hugged me for the photo! It’s my favorite souvenir. It also makes me want a Polaroid camera to collage with, it’s really a cute effect.

I also ran into Takamasa Sakurai… he took my photo on Friday! I think that means it will be in his book, which is super exciting. If anything I feel very validated, because a ‘lolita expert’ said I was really cute, which makes me blush like crazy! (Yes, bit of a crush on this one too. Oh, the unattainable dream lolita crush…)

I’ve added a lot more to my lolita scrapbook (memory book, ephemera book?) since then, but I’ll save that for another post!

Friday I night I modeled for I Do Declare again! Her collection is beautiful as always… here are some runway photos of me that others took. Lots of wonderful brands showed off their things such as Morrigan NYC, Pretty Pop Designs, Perianth, and others!

It was also great to finally meet people I had only previously met online, like Kammie & Tempest! Hopefully we’ll run into each other again. My next event on the con circuit will be a day at New York Anime Fest (probably a Saturday) so hope to see you there!

Valley of the Doll(houses)

I’ve had requests to see more of the tiny world I keep for my Angelic Pretty Byuls, Skye and Violet – including a full view of their pink vintage Barbie cottage. At Otakon I also found them a few new foods and dishes from my favorite miniature brand, Re-ment, so I had to take a few photos of those too – except for the special Christmas set, which of course I’ll debut as a special Christmas treat later this year!

Here’s the full view, the dollhouse as seen from my white bookcase where they live. (And my first time using artificial light… not sure if I like the look.) The floor is scrapbook paper.

Some more snapshots of the house, such as the kitchen counter, beauty vanity, and sofa. The new mint tea-cart I found at Ponycon, as part of Paradise Estate (I also have a yellow Paradise Estate refrigerator, which I don’t have a spot for). Also spotted in the kitchen: new strawberry ice-cube tray, strawberry cutting board, white fancy tray, pink whisk and ladle, teapot and shelf…!

As I fall deeper in love with buying tiny foods, posing the dolls, and the strangely changing faces of the dolls themselves, I’ve realized something unfortunate. The more I spoil my little lolitas (with new toys, snacks, and pretty furniture), the less room there is in their cottage! There would certainly be no room to expand my lolita household, either – which I’m hoping to do, possibly with the goal of collecting all six Angelic Pretty collaborated dolls.

So the only answer was to look for new real estate! My previous attempts at an ‘addition’ to the house, with a piece of My Little Pony’s Paradise Estate, proved unworkable – the wrong size for my 1:6 scale dolls. I decided to consider the ubiquitous Barbie Dream House, an unfulfilled childhood dream. The modern ones available in stores, besides costing a pretty penny, are all dark purple glitter and black and orange and drag-queen-hot-pink – cute and edgy, but not the right thing for the fantasy pastel-land I’ve been designing. I’d prefer to find another vintage model instead – cheaper and sweetly painted in pinks and mints and lilacs.

Delving into the history of Barbie houses was interesting to say the least! The original Barbie house, made in 1960, was a one-room cardboard studio. The Barbie abodes range from townhouses with printed furniture to 1980s A-frames and even open-air cottages and vacation houses. My favorite is the 1990s Victorian dollhouse – made in both white and lilac, with pretty balconies and a turret, reminding me of my family’s old house. There’s plenty of room inside for a lolita-worthy tea table and drawing room, simple kitchen, pretty vanity, and dreamy canopy bed. Here’s a sample of what’s available for the 1:6 real estate world…

In 1978, Barbie got a lovely A-frame house. {via the barbie man on Flickr}

For serious hobbyists or crazily over-achieving parents, you can buy the woodworking plans to the ultimate historical dream house.

Rather than a constant ‘house’, it seems that many people who enjoy photographing scenes with their dolls as models prefer to build one-off single wall dioramas. They mostly appear to be made out of foamboard, scrapbook paper, and tiny balsa wood wainscoting and beadboard. Some are so cute it’s hard to imagine that they’re actually very tiny!

{images via Princess Di-o-rama on Flickr)

Here’s a sample of some of my favorite scenes for 1:6 dolls (in this case, Blythe rather than Pullip). I’m in love with the crafting armoir in the second picture – reminds me of something you’d see in a Mary Engelbreit magazine! I actually found a great interview with Princess Di-o-rama on mademoiselle blythe, where she shows how she sets up her scenes and stores oodles of doll furniture! It’s very interesting whether you’re a photographer, doll enthusiast, or just lover of the adorable.


I caught a bit of a cold from the legions of people at Otakon (33,000 this year!) so I’ll update with my Otakon adventure on my next post! I had a lovely time and can’t wait to go again next year!

August Style Tips

  • Homemade ice cream makers are popping up all over the place – try making unique flavors like milk tea (flavored with black or earl grey tea), rose, or lavender.
  • Press some of the last summer flowers in the pages of a heavy phonebook to paste in your journal. Research folk names to label them with, like ‘buttons’ or ‘heartsease’.
  • Swap out your knee-high socks for a different twist – printed tights. ManiaQ and other online retailers have tights printed with bunnies, roses, and even angels for a cute quirk.
  • Find your local county fair and indulge in cotton candy (candy floss or fairy floss in other places!) – even better if you can take some photos, to be edited later for a lomography look! If you can’t find a fair, pick up some bagged cotton candy in the drugstore to decorate some confetti cupcakes.
  • A little saucy pop style is perfect for August – consider a cheeky nod to Barbie with this collection of bags and purses. This 80s-bright one is my favorite!
  • Take a much-needed personal day-long vacation from your usual routine – hop a spur-of-the-moment trip to somewhere low-key like a lakeside or tiny beach town.
  • Collage yourself a deck of personal tarot cards with pictures ripped from magazines, catalogues and flyers. If you can’t bear to tear up your collection of Japanese magazines, photocopy your favorite pages first – though nothing is more therapeutic than ripping pages!
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