We Heart of the Week (5.7.11)

A new twist on Reader Appreciation Sunday is We Heart of the Week! Part reader love, part link carousel, We Heart of the Week is a little goodie bag of all things cute, inspiring, and loved.


Cupcake’s Clothes – This adorable lolita-meets-retro adorability blog is the home of Georgina, who besides taking adorable outfit shots, has an amazing talent for sweet & simple nails that just doesn’t quit! Check out some of my favorite photos below:


Sugary Carnival Original vs. Replica: The Verdict is In: So, for all the curious, here’s the direct comparison at long last – the real deal versus the knock-off. What’s your opinion – is the replica worth the savings?

Make: Kawaii Tokyo Cut + Paste Tote: Love the magazine layouts of the GLB and Kera? This cute video shows how to DIY your own adorable magazine-style tote. Great for giving gifts or just carrying around!

{I can’t help it… enjoy some more Milk love!}


You Can’t Bully Me Out of Skinny Jeans from Definatalie.com: A great blogger’s response after being posted to an attack community for her daily outfit photos.

“Firstly, you know how I feel about body shame that is dressed up as fashion advice. It’s bogus. No one should be harassed, mocked or attacked for wearing clothes (or NOT wearing clothes).”

10 Reasons to Love Fashion Blogs: 10 ways fashion blogging has changed the ordinary woman’s wardrobe – and her outlook on fashion. Proof that even something as small as a fashion blog can make a difference!

Q-Pot’s Peace (of) Chocolate Band: Support Japan with these adorable chocolate-printed Livestrong-style bracelets, available in strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate, and mint! (Shopping service required).

Noteworthy: Japanese Craft Books at Puglypixel.com: Some favorite picks from your local Kinokuniya! This particular selection features Japanese scrapbook and clip art books.

When Dressing Becomes a Competitive Sport: Why do we feel the need to compete when it comes down to what we wear? Coco & Creme talks it out.

{summer style from Emily Temple Cute. I love the graphic strawberry onepiece and lilac + yellow swirled over-the-knee socks! Click for larger.}

And to finish, a true princess story…

A Princess Found: “Any lonely girl would dream she’s a princess.” Not your usual royal – Sarah Culberson’s search for her birth family reveals that’s really an African princess from Sierra Leone. Hear her story and her continued efforts to help her newfound people rebuild their village after civil war.

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