Reader Appreciation Sunday, 3/6/2011 ♥

Reader Appreciation Sunday returns! I’ve decided to switch it from a weekly schedule to a first-Sunday-of-every-month schedule, as I think it was overpowering the content with a weekly spot. Seeing as the last few had fairly limited interest, I gave it a break for a while and did some re-working. If there is a feature on Lolita Charm or a post you particularly liked/would like to see more of, please comment and let me know – if a feature doesn’t get very much attention I assume it’s boring or unpopular and drop it from the line-up :( I really appreciate the feedback on your LC favorites!

I’m actually loving a lot of blogs lately, and that will be reflected pretty soon in the Bloggin’ Beauties list – new reads are definitely making the cut! But I have to say, this week’s favorite blog is definitely Cherry Kisses! You may have spotted this cute blogger’s photos on Tumblr already – her head of pink curls are hard to miss! Read her blog for tons of adorable lolita photos, Rilakkuma love, and beautiful handmade lolita fashion. Here’s a quick taste:
Here are also some of my favorite reader comments as of late:
PrincessBready from March Style Tips:

I read this and thought “Oh my gosh! I just got a new, cute cup!” XD It’s off white (a cooler off white, not the warm kind) with a pretty K on the outside and at the very bottom of the cup so I can see it through my tea.

Also, I absolutely adore mori-girl, so I’m glad you mentioned it too. c:

I’m a lover of mori-girl as well, one of my favorite things to do is add braided mori style to lolita outfits for a fairytale approach! I have a cup with a script V on it too from Anthropologie – what a coincidence ;)

This seems.. LOLLIFIC! :D

I’m not sure if that’s short for loli-terrific or loli-horrific but either way I think you’ve hit the nail on the head ;)
Star Princess from March Style Tips:

As somebody who wakes up at 5 AM for school, I’m definitely going to take advantage of listening and dancing to music in the morning to get me awake xP Maybe some Para Para in the morning~

I love these style tips a lot! Thank you Victoria :)

I love the idea of a quick dance workout or para para in the morning (not sure I could handle 5 am though, good for you!) I like to bust out my hula hoop for even just five minutes or so, definitely gets me going!
In other news, here’s a very brief link carousel that you lovelies might like:
If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Glacee: A Maiden’s Primer! Myself and a few other lolita bloggers, designers, and artists are collaborating to make a by-lolitas, for-lolitas English lolita zine! Now accepting submissions!
I’d also just like to thank all the girls who have been sending me emails lately… I would share them but I think they’d prefer me not to. They really are amazing reads that inspire me to stay with lolita and to keep writing… So please, don’t be shy, I love reading emails from my readers :)
And… thank you for 1600+ followers! Welcome new readers, I hope you enjoy reading Lolita Charm for many posts to come!  And welcome to the 101 Bloglovin followers as well! 
I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, see you soon!


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