Guide to Ordering from Yumetenbo and Other Rakuten Shops

The Long-Awaited & Much-Asked-After Guide:
Ordering from Yumetenbo and Other Rakuten shops

My go-to place for cute fashion for spring is definitely Rakuten! Rakuten is an online shopping ‘mall’ that puts all of your favorite Japanese stores in one place, often providing international shipping where otherwise there would be none. Using their umbrella account, you can shop at many cute boutiques and fashion companies. My current favorite is Yumetenbo, which sells a collection of gyaru styles includes hime-kei (princess style), glamour (more mainstream), kirei or elegant style (good for girls who need to look professional), and girly style (for typical femininity), as well as a kids’ section. Most lolitas are fond of princess style, but look through the other categories – you may find just the thing to complete your outfit. This shop has everything you need from bags and accessories to coats and full dresses, even some wigs and false nails. Other shops can also have many cute items such as accessories, or items for casual wear.

You can use these tips to any online foreign shopping, but I recommend you have them before getting started with Rakuten – it will make your shopping experience much easier.

Google Chrome Auto-Translate: If you have Google Chrome for a browser, there is an extension that will translate your webpages automatically. When you visit a Japanese page for the first time, click the option to always translate. The whenever you load any Japanese page, it will translate into your chosen language. Click here to get it. However some of these pages do not auto-translate, and they will not translate emails, so have your Google Translate open in a tab as well.

Google Chrome Currency Coverter Add-On: Great for shopping online with Japanese stores, taobao, places in Europe, etc. This download will give you a live, in-window converter that remembers your last currency option. I use this all the time since I got it; much better than making a guesstimate about how much yen you’re really dropping. Click here to get it.

Also, please note that you must have a credit card to order from Yumetenbo. They do not take Paypal.

Part I: Registering a Rakuten Account

Go to the Yumetenbo site and start from nearly any page. I chose this one right here. Click on the key icon in the upper right corner that says ‘myRakuten’. (Highlighted here in pink, with the big arrow.)

Click the ‘register’ button.
Fill out the required information (marked in red). This is in English; if not click the tab up top and it will switch to English. (I didn’t take a cap of the rest of it for this reason; if you really need a cap, let me know & I will make it.)
If you are not in Japan, choose your prefecture as Other and set your postal code to 000-0000. For ‘ward’ I put in my USA state as well as town. Here’s a sample of your ‘finalize this information’ showing what I mean by location. Then click the ‘agree to terms and conditions’ button, which will take you to finalize your info.
On the second page, click the large white button at the bottom to finalize all of your information. (Make sure to uncheck the ‘receive email updates’ – they will send you a HOARD of emails, most of which are not informative to you.) It will take you to the third page, which means you did it! You will then receive a confirmation email. 
Part I Accomplished!

Part II: How to Shop

Start by logging into myRakuten. If you have your auto-translator on, these next steps are fairly easy. 
Here is a typical item page, this one is for the adorable BAMBI COAT! 
Mine is pre-translated into English; if yours isn’t, this what it’s saying: color, quantity, add to cart. Click the appropriate color bubble and quantity, and add to cart. If you are buying multiple items in different colors, you will need to add multiple times. If you see an x where you would normally click a bubble, the item is sold out in that colorway. 
Here’s the screen you’ll see after you add your item to the cart. They have a very handing ‘image cart’ which lets you see what you put in it. To remove an item, click the link in blue text on the same row. From here on out auto-translate fails us and there is no more English; bear with me…
Either keep shopping or click the big red button and go to checkout. This next part is where I originally had trouble; make sure to choose an option for every section, or else they will send you an email later saying ERROR with no explanation of where the error is, and then they will cancel your order. (That’s what happened to me on my first try.)
In this part you need to agree to their terms and conditions again. I actually found out today in business law that this stops you being able to sue them for a Japanese product in the courts of your own country/state… basically waives your right to sue if you’re injured by a hairbow or something. Anyway, agree and move on to step 2. 
Here’s your cart (above) and below, this box is for points club. Every time you shop with them you rack up points that can later be used for savings on your purchase. As a new account, you won’t have any points. I’ve highlighted the 0 points section above.
Choose the bubble for ‘credit card’ and then fill out your info. This does not auto-translate so I’ve translated it for you above. If you know basic katakana you can get through a lot of this easier. 
Scroll down to Part 2 and choose your shipping method – for international/overseas, you must choose EMS. It then explains shipping costs based on how much your total purchase is. 

The next section is when you want your package delivered. Choose ‘anytime’. You most likely don’t have coupons; leave this area blank. Click the button on the bottom to continue.

The next page shows all of your information and total to finalize your payment. Click the large red button at the bottom to finalize. That’s it!

Other Rakuten Shops For Cute Fashion 

Here are some other Rakuten shops that sell cute style things or items that might go well with lolita fashion. I will update this list as needed.

Edit to add: Not all stores ship internationally despite using Rakuten. I can’t verify which as I haven’t shopped at all of them, so please be aware of this. Those marked with an asterisk (*) do not ship internationally.

Curvys – cute accessories shop
Candlly – cute casual style
Coquettish Tiara – cute purses for lolita & hime-kei
Wigland – sells Prisila wigs for hime-kei, pop-kei, mori
Zephyr Wigs – cosplay and lolita wigs
Roliane -pink made- – cute accessories, pouches, jewelry & deco’d items
Bijouxj – pre-deco’d items, some jewelry
SBY Happy Store* – popkei accessories
Presea – cute accessories & charms
Bodyline Rakuten – often has items sold out on English site!
Liz Lisa* – hime-kei and country cute
Cawaii – mori girl style
Chocomint – accessories for lolita, pop-kei, mori, and hime-kei
Armoire – mori girl style
Listen Flavor – pop-kei and punk style – great leggings & tights, often in Kera magazine
With Heart – princess homegoods
Lumiembre – parasols
Lady’s Off – designer (Coach, Louis Vitton) and Jesus Diamante (hime-kei)
Maxicimam – sweet & punk lolita, with plus-sized line ‘Lovely Size’
Juliette et Justine – classic/opulent lolita brand
Organ Fan – classic and mori style jewelry and accessories
Pastel Sweets – sweets deco supplies, books, and pre-deco’d items
Phew! Long article! Okay! I hope you all have a very happy shopping experience, please let me know if you have any questions/need anything clarified and I will do my best to help.

happy shopping,

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  • Zayane

    Saved my life! Thank you for this (o’ u ‘o)–*☆♪

  • StarryDreamer

    Hey, I made an account and everything, but it’s not letting me add things to my cart, have you encountered this problem too, or does my computer just hate me?

  • StarryDreamer

    Hey, I made an account and everything, but it’s not letting me add things to my cart, have you encountered this problem too, or does my computer just hate me?

    • Hmm I’m not sure, as I can’t read much Japanese. Do you have anyone who could help you with the language barrier?

  • Neonkaleidoscope

    Thanks so much! I just placed my first order with Yumetenbo, so I hope everything goes well.

  • Erden96

    the thing is i dont know the price in pounds which means that i can’t buy anything 

  • Hi there! My order was successful, and I received a confirmation email from Yumetembo itself. But I have no Idea how they want me to pay for shipping! :(

  • and what about taxes on parcel? Customs?

  • Guest

    Thanks so much for this!

  • This is a very helpful guide, thanks! :) Do you happen to know does Yumetenbo include a printed invoice in the package?

  • Oh, all my orders have been cancelled from them! I don’t know what’s wrong and I’ve tried contacting them about it but I don’t think that they will answer me. :(

  • Do you know how to order items with the Rakuten shopping service? Do you have to use the address provided to you by Tenso or do you just use your real address when you click the check box for items not normally shipped internationally?