Lolita Princess

Lately I’ve seen a lot of talk about old-school sweet and modern sweet, more commonly known as OTT (over-the-top) or kote-loli. As I was mooning over clothing on Taobao (the Chinese version of eBay), I ran into a unique take: Lolita Princess.

While not all of their products are wonderful (careful, some of these verge on the side of too-anime-ish, and you may want to make small adjustments, such as removing the corsetting laces), their style is a refreshing, summer-in-love feeling. Both old-school and modern sweet tend to be heavy styles, with either thick layers and buttoned-up collars or oodles of petticoats and accessories. Whereas this easy, carefree style is simple and delicate. Their dresses are mostly composed of clean lines and semi-opaque chiffon, with rows upon rows of tiny cotton lace like meadow flowers. It almost reminds me of a cross between Liz Lisa, Victorian summer dresses, and himegyaru. Here’s some of my favorites:

Like the dresses above, they’re mostly meant to be worn alone. I think they’d be perfect for hot climes, and could transition easily from lolita to hime-style depending on your hair, makeup and accessories. They typically only come in four solid colors: white, pale pink, black, and cream (beige, milk tea, kinari, etc)

Here you can see one of their more unique items, the matching shawl. I think this is a adorable alternative to the bolero, for covering bare arms when wearing a JSK without a blouse, especially when the temperature can shift in spring and summer. The layers of chiffon ruffles form a beautiful cascading train over the skirts of a dress. They even use a dual-pin broach of pearls and chain for a regal look. The model shown in center of the three above (in cream) is also wearing the matching shawl.

Besides an array of dresses (no replicas – just their own designs), they’ve got a surprising collection of other products, such as fur collars, lolita-meets-himegyaru coats, and even roomwear. These lolita pajamas feature candy-cane pastel stripes, with a big bow-shaped kangaroo pocket:

I think this set would also look cute with pop-kei or fairy-lolita!
What do you think of this light, fresh-faced lolita style? The focus on natural hair color, bright skin and nude lips is a very different style from the heavy lashes and eyeliner of today’s lolita. I think it would be a lovely style for a spring or summer picnic, especially paired with pale rose corsages or a delicate straw hat. Lace gloves would also be a great edition! 


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  • Kiri

    I really love the lighter feel to these. As someone living in a tropical location, where you pretty much sweat all year round no matter what you wear, that first sleeveless dress looks really quite lovely… (Of course, I haven’t ever worn full lolita yet, but the simpler styles are probably more attractive to a lolita dabbler than a full-on sweet ensemble, no matter how fabulous it may look.)

  • Oh wow, I LOVE it. Gosh, your blog is amazing, dear. Thank you for discovering so many goodies and sharing them ♥

  • So cute! You are always finding the cutest things. This is prefect for the summer, which I have been missing so much during the stormy winter weather we have been experiencing. Wish the rainy snow would stop so I can dress freely

  • Rhonyuki

    I love finding or hearing about new lolita brands! These dresses look perfect for the miserable cali-valley summer weather, and I’m excited to make a purchase or two to try these out. Simple means versatile!

  • These are so adorable and elegant! I really like this new take on sweet lolita. All the chiffon and softer colors make me think of mori girl fashion… only crossed with sweet lolita (which I’ve never really seen done before) O__O So, this is really something new, but I love it. And it looks so comfortable for the spring and summer.

    … Also, that shawl is amazing *3*

  • Sarah

    Oh holy wow – so many of those pieces work for TONS of Japanese styles – lolita, mori, natural kei, even dolly kei if you get creative. Thank you! Finally found a store to push me into ordering from TaoBao (>_<)

  • Stockingsandtea

    Oh, this seems perfect for me! I like the lolita style, but it all seems so over the top to me (for this stage in my life). This is a direction I could go in and feel perfectly comfortable, I think. Thank you for showing this to us!

    I also love the lighter makeup the models have on. It’s inspired me to try something new with my own daily makeup. (Besides, it’s probably time for me to change my mellow French-revolution inspired makeup, anyway.)

  • Ohh these are just lovely! Could easily see myself wearing such light dresses
    in Japan during hot summer season. Very simple, pretty and elegant.

  • Yes, I agree this type of lolita dress is different, more refreshing and life-styled.

  • That’s so cute! Some dress and coat are wonderfull !

  • LadyGoddess

    I need that shawl in my life! *o*

  • Psu

    All the designs looks like refreshing, soft milkshakes!!! <3
    And the matching shawl is really an original item to wear!
    And those pajamas are just OH SO CUTE!!!

  • I really love it! I haven’t bought from TaoBao yet because I’ve been lazy about finding a SS, but I think this may encourage me to do so!

    Are you going to buy anything from them?

  • Also, is the currency in HKD?

    –Nevermind, figured it out!

  • I love Lolita Princess! Pale pastel colours are my favourites, and most of their dresses are very elegant and romantic. I wouldn’t wear most of them as lolita, though, because I find it difficult not to look too “dressed up” in these kind of clothes. But I’d love to have one or two to use in celebrations <3

  • Pinkcandy

    i like it i don’t really think sweet OTT is that pretty i get sick of it i fell in love with the old school lolita its nice to see it again

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I’ve been craving chiffon lately! These are wonderful inspiration, and that shawl is so unique! I’d love to have something like it.

  • LOVE IT! This is true Lolita to me. Refreshing, truly sweet, and invoking a kinder, gentler time. I’m kind of getting sick of the OTT Lolita look – it just feels so “plastic”. I also enjoy the more natural models.

  • Misha

    Have you bought any Lolita from this site? If so was it good quality? Because my conversions (If they’re correct) say that some of the dresses are only in the $50 range. These Lolita are very cute. I enjoy the more cutesy Lolita but I love this as well.

  • Aww, such cute clothing! I wish there were more places for me to go wear lolita. I can’t wear it to school because dressing out for PE would be a pain…

  • This style is so beautiful! It really has the elegance and princesslyness that is sometimes missing from the ultra kawaii styles that are so popular now. That shawl is just gorgeous too! It’s so unique!

    • It’s almost more a fresh-faced Korean style, like Yesstyle with a lolita twist! I’d love to see this freshness more :)

  • I like it. :D You can make it very gyaru and or very very casual. It’s very clean, crisp and I just love the over all feel to it. Classic-y but then not really. o:

  • Kayla

    How adorable~ their clothing seems to be so delicate and feminine!

  • Khamla95

    Has anyone ordered from this site? These pieces are sooooo cute and affordable, I really want to order but I was worried about ordering from a random site : (