The Lolita Checklist

So I was inspired recently by the famous ‘Choco’s Mori Girl Checklist’ – a set of would-be creeds or inspirations for mori girls. Its purpose is to develop a feeling, look or atmosphere for the mori girl style, a jumping-off point. Girls enscribe it on the backs of their notebooks, tape it to their mirrors, or stick it on their blogs. They might love every single one or know that their personal style has its own twist. I love the Mori Girl Checklist. It’s simple, it’s sweet, it’s something you can make your own if you want to. And so, I wanted to write the Lolita Checklist.

The Lolita Checklist

Thinks pearls go with anything.

Loves to collect socks, maybe even displaying them.

Likes to decorate her phone differently by season! (soft for winter, sweets for summer)

Strawberry motifs never go out of style, and –

If given the opportunity, will usually choose strawberry flavored items.

Secretly loves to wear her favorite dress around the house when she’s alone.

Collects weird-shaped purses, even the impractical ones that don’t fit anything.

Downloads carousel (calliope) music and musicbox music.

Rereads her favorite mook until it falls apart, or cuts pages out to put on her wall.

The only fashion to ever believe that cake on your head is the best idea ever.

Has given her allegiance or daydreams to one or two brands, but also picks up unusual things in boutiques.

Photographs her accessories, makeup and dress details while on the train.

Has a soft spot for little dogs, bunnies, and long-hair cats, even when they shed.

Loves lesser-known fairytales like Thumbelina and Snow White & Rose Red.

Sticks little stars or hearts on her nails between crazy falsies.

Most likely has one favorite Sanrio character, even if she’s not usually into cute things.

Has a romantic view of Paris, from the sprawling graveyards to Laduree’s macarons.

Has always wanted to visit European castles or Versailles.

Has different petticoats for different occasions, and always wonders if she should have more.

Tends to find ‘lolita idols’ like models or singers, whose style she loves.

Loves collecting lots of different bows!

Always wonders if white rabbits or bunnies are THE white rabbit ;)

Is comfortable with a sparkly, crazy ring on every finger.

Always wants her whites to match.

Loves taking cute pictures of food when she’s somewhere fancy or the food is beautifully presented.

Can’t give up on Novala Takemoto or his writings!

Likes modeling even if she’d never do it professionally.

Has an unusual interest in graffitti, graveyards, or abandoned places.

Knows that it’s always at least twenty degrees cooler underneath a parasol.

Has tried to sew something at least once (fail or succeed, either!)

Has opinions are trends in lace or prints.

Is always in her own fairytale.

Challenge: write your own lolita checklist!
photo source unknown.
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  • Miss Lumpy

    I'd like to see other people's checklists – unsurprisingly, a few on yours stood out as being absolutely true for me but for the most part they didn't particularly suit me. I'll have to write up my own &see how it differs!

  • 5ynny50rr0w

    Great idea, Definitely going to write my own <3

  • Hime-chan

    i will try to write my own

  • becausedead

    Haha, alot of it untrue for me, but also alot that is true! I might just try to write my own checklist. :3 This seems like fun!

  • Marie

    A lot of that is true for me, but not all of it. Nice list!

  • dog


  • Princess Freya

    I'd love all of this! Fabulous!
    I'll write a checklist!

  • hedgefairy

    I think I'll write one, too. The idea is really cute. ^^

  • childdoll

    This is adorable… this was my favorite:
    – "The only fashion to ever believe that cake on your head is the best idea ever."

    I will have to take up that challenge and post a lolita checklist of my own ^.^

  • akumaxkami

    I should trying writing a Gothic Lolita version. ^_^

  • Mokitty

    Loved this!
    Very inspirational!
    I will try to write a list on my blog!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Sucrerie Magazine
  • Milktan

    Aw, this is great! :D

    I'll be darned.

    I think I'll linkback, and amend my own in a blog post! This is such a cute and nifty thing. Kinda like the princess code! O_O

  • Psu

    Mmmmmm… I would like to add one!

    – Every time she changes her hair look or tries a new haircut likes to put on all her hair accesories, one by one, to see how they look!

    I did that today *lol*

  • AngelShinigami

    I love this. I think I'd like to see how my check list stands up…..^_^ Yay!

  • candiesandlaces (Valentine)

    So cute!

    Randomly, I never EVER find calliope/carousel music to download. Any good sites out there?

  • Loula

    I was surprised to find out how many of these points were true for me! You've definitely inspired me to try writing my own!

  • bunny-doll
    this my lolita checklist check it out tell me what you think

  • Miss Matched

    I made one in my own style.

    Feel free to observe it and tell me what you think. (I'm sorry that I'm very newbish ;D)