My Castle: The Bureau

Since I’ve been talking about decorating so much lately, I thought I’d show you a few snapshots from my room. These are details of my bureau and large mirror, where all of my hair-styling, accessorizing, and make-upping goes on.

I use a teacup and matching platter to hold some of my prettier pieces to display – like my favorite strawberry bracelet and miniature tiaras. Look for unusual dishes or trays to hold your rings, bracelets, and earrings. The merman dish below is actually for soap. I found this for $2.50 at my local thrift shop – it even says ‘Made in Italy’ on the bottom! He’s the designated keeper of my pink pearls ♥

And this is the corner of my mirror, which I’ve draped with some pearl necklaces (this gold and tea colored one from Forever 21). Clipped to it are some of my favorite bows, and my favorite hairpiece, my 6% doki doki mini hat. I also keep notes from friends on cute stationary – these are from Kandy and Michelle :) The lollipops stuck the mirror are actually window clings. Mine are from Mother Garden, but there are usually plenty of heart ones available for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a few other ways you can dress up a bureau, small table, or vanity:

  • Display your favorite wig on a wig head, perhaps with your best hair accessory. I love seeing the big pink curls on my bureau, and it keeps all of the hair in good condition.
  • Tack up photos or sentimental notes to a mirror or ribbon-board, whether these be of friends or photos you loved in magazines.
  • Put down a piece of lacy fabric or an embroidered table runner for a spot of color. Look in estate sales or flea markets for something vintage.
  • Tack colored fairy lights or floral vines above the mirror or bureau; or just drape swags of pretty tulle.
  • Dried, real, or faux flowers in a vase can be interspersed with decorative pens or makeup brushes. I somehow amassed a collection of princess scepters that are mixed in with my rose.
  • Got a lot of nail polish bottles? Arrange them in a holder or a row in rainbow order. I keep all my different shades of pink visible.

If you’ve seen some of these photos before, it’s because I’ve just been bitten by the tumblr bug. You can follow me here. Be warned that the main themes are pink, poodles, and shoes I wish I owned ;)

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  • kyuuketsuki

    i just found your blog by coincidence n_n your room looks so cute! <3 xxx

  • Tomorrow

    gosh I can't get over how stunning your blog is… You've got yourself a major fan girlfriend…now I've discovered you I'll be back every day :) your room looks so beautiful and you are aswell your hair is amazing… I'm not even a little Lolita or anything like that but I find the style so inspirational…. I'd love you to visit my blog ^_^

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @kyuuketsuki and Tomorrow: thanks! there'll be plenty of new reading fodder this week :)