Winter Blog Party!

A ‘blog party’ is the term used for when a bunch of bloggers grab their laptops, a few lattes, and sit around blogging. Together. It’s half a hair close to being a nerd-whispering session – where a group of people use their phones or laptops to talk to each other despite being in the same room.

The bloggers I know aren’t interested in anything nearly so boring! Instead we grabbed some cameras and frills and headed on a winter adventure.

Miss Lumpy and I met up with Princess Crystal of Pretty Wonderland for a small loliday in the quiet Connecticut town of Middletown. Before the sun set, we visited the Wadsworth Mansion. The building itself was not open, but they had a lovely bit of woods and desolate, snowy gardens.

And yes I went hiking through the snow in five-inch heels. I am that hardcore.

Afterwards we traipsed back to Klokolo, a nearby coffee shop. The coffee was excellent (I had a Witch’s Brew, which had chocolate and caramel in it) and the locale was very alternative – but not so alternative that everyone’s jaw didn’t drop when we walked in. If you’re interested in a quick cup of coffee or a place with comfy chairs and free Wifi, it’s not a bad gig – especially if you happen to have a boyfriend with gages and requisite gear. But don’t try to bring a crowd of lolitas there – it’s small and the atmosphere isn’t especially conducive to frilly girls. Seeing as there were only three rufflebutts in the place, we had enough space to sit and talk away into the evening about all the usual interests.

Here’s my outfit shot of the day:

Skirt, socks, bag: Bodyline (my Christmas presents! I love that the print is detailed with glitter, hello?!)
Headbow, cutsew: BABY the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Harajuku Lovers
Coat: Fanplusfriend

This alcove was actually around 12 feet off the ground on the outside of the building! What you don’t see in this photo are Crystal and Miss Lumpy waiting to catch me, lest I fall and crack my skull open. Good friends will help you with insane photo ideas :)
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  • Naka

    great photo

    love ur outfit ^^

  • SweetAngelFreyaFreya

    That photo of you is so amazing, Miss Victoria. It's enchanting!
    I can't wait for my next loliday. I miss hanging out with my lolita buds.

  • Ally

    I have a weird question. I stumbled upon your blog and love it. I'm fascinated with this whole look, yet I wonder, other than graphic designers jobs, could one pull this look off at the work place? I'm not being a jerk, honestly. I'm curious. I love love love it!
    @Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  • Aki Cookie

    I love your outfit! And that wig was pure love! <3
    It seems like you had fun~! I wish there was any lolitas where I live :\

  • childdoll

    Good times! I had a blast with you ladies. And those shots of you in the alcove came out as total win! Definately worth the risk I'd say :P

  • loliandrea

    Victoria – what a lovely photo of you in the alcove! Would be so much fun to join you, Miss Lumpy and Princess Crystal on an outing.

  • misslumpy

    I believe what you mean is, "good friends will make you question your sanity with their dangerous photo ideas" :P

  • allureviola

    I love your pink wig so much dear!! I hope you can please share where you got it from :) :)

    grace_115 @

    Here is my blog to share too, I love yours!!~~

  • herana

    It is so lucky that i come here accidently, the aundant resources makes me excited,thank you!
    By Jordan Sneaker

  • kauthar123

    Gorgeous, I am so inspired!
    I love your outfit…so dainty and sweet!
    Kat Cupcake

  • Maya W.

    Your outfit is very pretty!!! *-*