Beautiful Boys

This year I’ve been lucky enough to meet many new lolitas, and even find the rare gems that aren’t quite what you expect. These are the brolitas, our brothers-in-lace, who doll up with us and share petticoats. Brolita is the slang term that means a male cross dressing in lolita clothing, with all of the hair and makeup and other accoutrement.

A friend of mine, who sometimes cosplays as a female character, recently told me that he wanted to try wearing lolita. After presenting him with probably hundreds of pictures, it became apparent that gothic lolita was more to his taste, rather than the sugary stuff I tend to wear – which makes sense, as he usually prefers wearing metal band t-shirts.

So Miss Lumpy and I invited him over for a day of dress-up and study, which we dubbed Princess Day. The following is what ensued.

A Crash Course in Brolita from thecharmchannel on Vimeo.

You’ll notice this is not hosted on the Charm Channel by Youtube. Due to Youtube’s new copyright laws, this particular video is hosted by Vimeo instead. The Youtube version is live but has no audio.

When asked why he wanted to dress lolita, his answer was striking to anyone who has ever donned the frills: “I want to feel pretty. There’s a feminine part of me I want to express.” I think any lolita, no matter gender or appearance or orientation, has said they just want to feel pretty or wear things they find pretty. It is the ultimate basis of lolita fashion, like a car’s engine: without it, there’s no drive.

I’m so proud of Dave. He boldly went where no man had gone before (well, this particular man) – into the poofdom. And he’s really quite beautiful. I hope this encourages all the other beautiful boys in this world.

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  • Bunnymonster

    I love it!

  • Miss Scabtree

    This mademe cry I dunno why.. He is soo beautiful!
    I must meet him.
    I mean I love his outfit.
    I also know a person who dresses as a girl but not lolita. He wants to feel femminine and beautiful too. God..such lovely boys. :]
    Tell Dave he is lovely in Lolita!

  • Miss Scabtree

    Also, Love The Dresden Doll's song! <3
    Reminds me of someonee I know Lmao

  • aprilstarchild

    He is a brolita any good person would welcome at their meetup. He so obviously feels pretty in the outfit!!

    I think my favorite part is at the end–where he's learning to pose and hop up and down. Hee hee hee!

  • Violet LeBeaux

    Aww that video made me feel all happy! He makes a delightful Brolita and you and Miss Lumpy are adorable as usual ^_^

  • ~NiKi~

    I don't usually like Brolitas. But don't missunderstand me, it is only that they don't look too much lolita and they don't ask for help (they are men). But you did a great job with him, and he looks like a pretty girl! :3

  • SweetAngelFreyaFreya

    He is totally transformed!
    It amazing what a little bit of makeup can do and he looks so beautiful.
    You guys did a fantastic job. Gosh, I can't get over how amazing he looks. I'd love to invite him to a tea party!

  • lady-momoberry

    The transformation is incredible, and you guys seems to have had a lot of fun ! Is Dave definitely in the frilly side now ? :-D

  • Kittie Kat

    that was adorable! i just want to hug him and then run crazy while wildly giggling! I don't think i could ever get any of my guy friends to wear a dress. Well, maybe this one guy but def not a lolita dress. I hope you have a lovely new year, take care darling!

  • Serapha

    wow- thats so cool. He really did look like a girl and he was taking the lessons so seriously! I wouldnt have been able to- props for you dave!

  • kidcaella

    He is beautiful, the end was so cute! How to stand and jump all cute. I think hes got it!

  • Princess

    i dont like every b-lolita that exist jeejej, but its a nice look for him, he looks girly XD, nice outfit!!

  • Naka

    omg he's so cute in lolita ^^
    y do guys have great legs aswell >.<,

  • Lizard

    Hhahaahh that is so funny! Well done! XD

  • blackfruitbat

    This is so… so sweet. I love the video, it makes me so warm and happy inside seeing how beautiful he looks. And I don't just mean on the outside- he is beaming with happiness. That's what makes me happy, how happy he is being a lolita when it looks like he has been wanting to be one for so long. <3 And he makes a damn good one!

  • September

    The part where you are showing him how to stand was just too adorable! It made me smile.

  • weald

    hes so cute! love the pigeon toe stance!

  • Louise

    dresden dolls yay!
    and aww, that was a very cute video :) he pulled the look off so well

  • YukiSakuraKissu

    awesome! props to him! ^_^ I wish i could do that to some of my friends lolololz =^.^=

  • loliandrea

    Adorable! I could tell you all were having so much fun. I loved the video.
    Are you going to give Dave a cute Lolita name?

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @loliandrea: Dave chose the name Ophelia :)

    And again thank you for these encouraging comments, he was so worried he'd be poorly received!

  • Cybelle

    awesome video indeed. He looks adorable ~<3

  • Cheryl

    That is just the sweetest thing. Loved the lesson in posing and jumping! ^_^

  • Zeruda

    Wow, that's really cool! He pull of lolita great :D

  • kantankitchen

    Haha, that was cute, though I think a high waisted skirt is not the best choice for a guy. XD

  • Jula


  • misslizzi

    That was completely adorable! Seeing everyone so happy really made me smile!

  • lolili

    So cute! <3

  • Valentine

    That's so adorable!!

  • Xelyna the Gothic Lolita

    That was really cute! He made a great lolita:D

  • Suture

    I wish I had a male friend to do this with. He's so adorable in lolita!

  • mzsparky

    God, he looked so pretty. You tooooo. You're such a sweet girl for doing that for your friend. Any sweetie with a heart would.

  • childdoll

    This is so adorable! <3

  • carouselofcrowns

    The princess lesson portion of the video is too adorable for words!

  • pinkstarcandy

    Oh man, seeing him jump up and down was the best. I wish I had one of those animated gif clips of it.

    Plus the word "brolita" is tops.

  • An

    I couldn't help but smile. I would totally mistake him for a lolita. So pretty! I f I could I would invite hime over for my afternoon tea.

  • Chris

    I am Christian, I live in Germany
    I am a Brolita, but I don´t konw any other brolitas in my city, I wish I can be a good lolita
    My English isn´t so good, sorry

    if you anyone want to mail with me, my email account is:

  • Rima-Chan

    He looks lovely :O I loved it where he learned how to pose and hopped around XDD Huge Respect with a big R at the front for wearing something so feminine and wearing makeup!

  • zeiro0

    I don't mean to bash anyone, but I agree with kantankitchen, I don't think the high waisted skirt was very flattering and I don't really like fake boobs on a guy.. But, Dave is such a pretty loli ^.^ I hope you delve deeper into the world of frills, haha.

  • I wouldn’t worry about your race at all. Attractive intelligent people are just that, no matter how dark or light they are. If you don’t mind your parent’s disagreeing with it, date who ever you want. I don’t think it helps to be hung up on race at all. I think you might be a little overly concerned about how this will impact you. You’ll be perceived based on how you present yourself.

  • Where did you find a dress that fits? I’m trans and thus have broad shoulders and a lot of height, but want to dress lolita.

    Also that pink haired girl is adorable!

    • He’s actually wearing a very stretchy cutsew, rather than a dress, but at the same time he has a slim frame. I don’t think his shoulders are particularly broad.

      thank you, I’m the pinkhaired girl pictured :)

  • nobodyimportant

    so pretty! he pulls it off very nicely ;) (i’d certainly ask out a guy who looked that good in lolita!) kudos to dave! 

  • SodaVampire

    Aw!  That was such a sweet video!

  • koleimu

    OMG ME NEXT! lol

  • finewonderland

    that made me happy….

  • Sylvana

    The end made me giggle. :D He looks very nice!
    I just wish that I could see more boys wearing boy-style Lolita.