It’s Your Castle: Series Start!

I’ve been asked recently about my personal lolita space – my bedroom and closet! – and how I make them into my own. Well, no hiding here – despite collecting cute accessories and items, my room can still manage to look like a lolita clothing-and-shoe bomb hit it. Quite often, actually. It’s not really my best achievement! And I bet sometimes you wish your room or apartment was different – do you also suffer from lolita bomb syndrome? So instead of just posting cute photos of the room when it’s been redecorated and readorned, I though I’d walk you through the process – and turn it into a project! Every new article in the It’s Your Castle Series will include a step or idea in turning your space into a reflection of your personal taste, with my results from following the same article. So get on your ruffly aprons, pop open your paint cans, and fire up your vaccuums – and start!

Before Your Begin

This is probably the hardest roadblock when it comes to redecorating and lolifying your room – cleaning and decluttering. It requires dedication and a willingness to schlep through old papers, books and stuffed animals for an afternoon. If you need help being motivated, ask a friend to sit on your bed and prod you every time you quit cleaning, or include routine breaks for a sit down and a cup of tea. Basically, this is what you need to do:

Sort your things into sections. They are as follows: I need this, I don’t need this, and This should have been thrown out last Christmas for God’s sake. First, take all the things you don’t need or don’t find pleasing to the eye (especially for knick-knacks and other bric-a-brac) – decide if they should be put in storage, given away, or sold (sold usually this means lolita clothes you’re not wearing for any reason). The things that should have been thrown out… well, you know what to do with those.

The things you need, decide if they need to put away or displayed. Displayed means something that is aesthetically pleasing, and that makes you happy to look at it often. Things like your collection of origami cranes, photos of your family, or maybe your favorite dress. Things that you need but don’t add to the decor of your room need to be stored. If you head to your local craft store, like Joann Fabrics, you can often find very decorative boxes and hatboxes.

Clean. Shake out your rug, wash the windows, the whole shebang. Dust. You want a clean pallette to work with!


Now that you’ve cleaned out your space, it’s time to pick a theme. Look to your favorite objects, your interests, or your lolita style to choose one. Brainstorm a list of things you already like in your room, or motifs you’d like to add. One of my favorite things is my pink strawberry area rug! My theme is somewhere between whimsical antique and super-sugary sweet. I have a collection of porcelain figurines and dolls from my grandmother, and like to use her embroidered table runners, but I also love my collection of Baby the Stars Shine Bright post cards and pink fairy lights. You can make your theme anything – maybe classic lolitas would like a theme based around a British library, with plush bordeauxs and four-poster beds; or perhaps a gothic lolita would like something stark with wrought iron.

Color Palette

Next you’ll want to decide on a few colors. I recommend no more than three – one or two main colors and an accent. Since my room receives minimal light, the lilac walls I currently have are a no-go – they increase the shadowy, lethargic quality of the room. To pep it up, I’ve picked out a warm caramel color and a peppermint candy pink, with accents of cream. Since the caramel and cream are mostly neutral, it’ll be easy to add other colors in the accessories in small doses, like yellow, lavender, or mint.

Where to Put Your Attention

Which item dominates the room – your bed, your bureau, your desk? It’s usually either the biggest item or the item that gets the most use. My top two would be the bed – typically a haven for Care Bears – and the bureau, a large cherry piece with a full mirror. Because the bureau is so large, I’ve decided to keep it clean on top, except for a few choice pieces: my carousel jewelry box, my curly pink wig (excellent for displaying hats or favored hair accessories!), and a tea cup and saucer set with my best brooches and jewelry.

As for the bed, I’ll bo focusing on finding the right bedspread (it’s essentially a huge canvas – what do you want on it?) and adorable decorative pillows. Right now I’m eyeing a bedspread from Romantic Princess, who specializes in princessy decor – from bedframes to tissue-box covers.


That’s all for this installment! Go get your pads and adorable fluffy-topped pens and do some brainstorming. Expect the next section sometime early next week – with a few DIY decorating projects!
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  • Belinda

    I'm actually in the process of redecorating my room, so this article is really timely. :) Great advice, and thanks for the links too!

  • Marie

    Very good article! I'm right now cleaning my room, so I could use a friend to get me back on track, hha.

  • hedgefairy

    That's a great and interesting series, and just in time as I'm moving next month!
    Thank you very much for this helpful article. It makes the imagining just more exciting. ^^

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @Belinda: you're welcome :)

    @Marie: Ahaha, I'll encourage you! Put down the tea & get back to sorting!

    @hedgefairy: You get a fresh slate, how fun! I'd love to see what you do with it!

  • yoli

    nice article! and blog of course… ;)

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @yoli: thanks very much, I'm glad you like it :D

  • ra

    I'm not sure my boyfriend would appreciate a loli-fied bedroom!
    I know I always go on about sewing your own… but making your own cushions is really easy and much cheaper.

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @ra: Cushions is an interesting idea! I was thinking curtains, maybe…

  • akaanika

    hmm- a question, sorry. I looked on that romantic princess site and absolutely LOVE the stuff, I saw one bed set I really want but there bed names are different- what're their equivelants?
    -Double yo
    -Semi Double, Hiroshi
    -yo single
    -double sum
    -single sum
    Sorry to bother- google did work and neither did bing. >_<

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @akaanika: Unfortunately I don't know! Perhaps there are measurements listed? Worst comes to worse, I'd order what seems to be the bigger size – I typically use a full-size quilt on my twin bed anyway.

  • Littlekobaby

    Supercute! I wish I could make my room super cute, but living in a dorm makes it hard.

  • pachi-cho

    I checked out the romantic princess site anf i was dazzled! Sooo cute! But I couldn't find anything that says they ship world wide……*bawls* pleeeasse help! do you know if they only ship in Japan? I've tried everything!