50 More Easy Halloween Costumes for Lolitas

Didn’t find what you wanted in last year’s list? Here are 50 more Halloween costumes with lolita flair, or ones you can pull together from a lolita wardrobe.

  1. Crow or Raven: wear your best kuro outfit with a black feather fan and a masquerade mask covered in black feathers, possibly with jet-colored rhinestones. Add black pearls.
  2. Forest Girl: wear a leaf-colored dress and pin autumn leaves into a curly updo. Acorns with a gold spray paint could be pretty fascinators, as well.
  3. Falling Star (like in Stardust): a navy dress with silver glitter sprinkled on it; wear shimmery stars in your hair and add star-shaped rhinestones to your face. Add glittery silver tights as a plus.
  4. Wind-up Doll: Wear your favorite dress with a large ‘key’ mechanism in your back, made of painted cardboard with elastic straps. Make it steampunk with the edition of foam cut into gear shapes, or simply add gears from your local hardware store.
  5. Nymph: Make a hairpiece of glittery purple or green grapes, possibly with butterflies as an accent. A glittery gold shawl goes perfectly with it and your favorite green classical dress.
  6. A Madam!: Sexy up your corsets and dresses with gaudy, antique jewelry, a feather in your hair, and too much makeup; possibly a cigarette holder. Paint on an obvious mole.
  7. Stephanie from Lazytown: A pink outfit with her trademark pink pageboy wig, and then act ridiculously perfect and wholesome.
  8. Cowgirl: Use your favorite classic dress with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots; fasten a rope to your hip and carry a pop-gun. Go sweeter by using a pony-themed dress and paint your pop-gun pink!
  9. Poodle: Wear a poodle-themed dress and use falls to give yourself super-curly poodle ponytails; wear a rhinestoned collar from the pet shop.
  10. Mime: Use a black and white outfit with traditional face paint, and then say nothing all night!
  11. Where the Wild Things Are: Tease your hair to huge proportions, make yourself a paper crown, and carry a scepter. Wear something furry.
  12. Fifi Lapin: Make a paper mask like this one and then put on your most couture attitude – and brand, of course!
  13. Film Noir: Use a black and white coordinate with carefully done black lipstick, doe eyes, and a pale face. Look endearingly at other people.
  14. The Little Prince: Wear a pirate or prince kodona jacket and tawny tights or leggings; a red cape with medals, and perhaps a net, to catch a shooting star.
  15. Fortuneteller or gypsy: use dark florals, a scarf tied round your hair, and Victorian boots; carry a pack of cards or a crystal ball, and wear lots of old looking jewelry with big hoop earrings.
  16. Birdcage: Show off a birdcage skirt or crinoline and add a silhouette of a paper parrot or raven inside.
  17. Bottle of Poison: Wear a deliciously Gothic outfit and wear an old-fashioned tag around your neck with the term ‘poison’ and a skull and cross-bones. If you want be adventurous, wear a black skirt with the Alice in Woderland quote embroidered or screenprinted, ‘If one drinks much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is sure to disagree with one, sooner or later’.
  18. Happy Pills: Wear a very cheery nurse’s cap and apron, with a large jar of gumdrops or Dots as a purse or necklace; mark them as ‘happy pills’.
  19. Housewife: A retro dress with apron, pincurls, and pie jewelry. Make sure you’ve got a plasticky, red-lipped kisser!
  20. Barbie: Don a blond wig and wear as much pink as physically possible (this shouldn’t be hard for sweet lolitas!) and use bright pink, plasticky looking lipstick.
  21. Tinkerbell: A mint dress with much in the way of glitter and tiny pom-poms stuck to your shoes. A lollipop would be an adorable wand.
  22. Peter Pan: a Kodona jacket, green tights, a feather in your mini hat, and a jabot with a tangle of green leaves. Promise never to grow up and spend your time tormenting…
  23. Wendy: A blue dress, without petticoat for a more nightgown look (optional), or simply in her bloomers or lolita nightwear. Wear sausage ringlets. Especially good if you go in a group and she and Tinkerbell are ‘miffed’ all night.
  24. Evil Queen: Go aristocratic with a few ‘poison’ apple themed jewelry items, like a necklace, and do a large, teased updo and crown. Wear dramatic false eyelashes.
  25. Fawn or Deer: Select your best chocolate-colored outfit and make some false tiny horns from clay to add to a headband; paint on some freckles for the speckled look of a young deer. Bonus points if you use a deer print dress.
  26. Pincushion: Wear a plush fabric like velvet and add lots of bright brooches. Underneath the dress, affix some padded pillows where they won’t be seen (backed with plastic for safety) and use them to stick in hat pins and pearl-headed pins. You could also make a pincushion into a headpiece.
  27. Voodoo Doll: The same idea, but in black and white. Baste a ‘heart’ (or use a heart-shaped pincushion on the front) onto the place where yours would be, with a few pins stuck in; draw long X marks over your eyes.
  28. Medical Study: Wear something like this and go as the Effects of Wrongful Corseting. See how many people do a double take!
  29. Robin Hood: Very like Peter Pan, except with a pretty quiver of arrows and the accompaniment of…
  30. Maid Marian: A lolita dress with ribbon lacing up the front for a slight medieveal feel, possibly of a brocade fabric; flowers or a pointed medieval ‘princess’ hat.
  31. Miwako: The pretty pink-haired character from Paradise Kiss can be achieved with a cute lolita dress of your choosing (see episodes for ideas!) and beautiful pink curly wig or pigtails.
  32. Piece of Cake: wear a cake hat accessory, a sweets-patterned dress, and a fork-and-sweets necklace.
  33. Box of Chocolates: a variation on the cake hat as a heart-shaped chocolate box, with felt chocolates; a brown or chocolate-themed dress.
  34. Victorian Apparition: Go in your floatiest white or antique white blouses and dresses, with dark circles and pale skin for makeup. Chiffon is a nice choice.
  35. Vampire Hunter: especially fun to do with another lolita dressed as a vampire! Wear lots of punky, metal items and chains, with a stake. A rope of garlic or a crucifix is a nice touch.
  36. Death Eater: For your inner Harry Potter fan, a kuro outfit with a black cape and plenty of Gothic touches is a creepy choice. Find temporary Dark Mark tattoos or freehand one in black liquid eyeliner.
  37. Ghost Buster!: More for the nerdy-and-proud lolita, wear a military jacket and fake a special backpack set with a store-bought blow-up set or from an actual backpack hidden with fabric (embroidered dials?!) For the ultimate in juxtaposition, use your sugariest, over the top sweet outfit.
  38. Scarecrow: A country lolita outfit with a few tufts of straw tucked around the hat brim, blouse, or jumperskirt staps. Paint big, ‘stitched on’ blushes on your cheeks.
  39. Beauty Queen: Your most regal or 80s-prommish lolita dress, with huge hair, a bigger tiara, and a sash that proclaims your favorite attribute. Wave like the queen.
  40. Ballerina: Go in a pair of ballet shoes, your best petticoat (gasp!) and a pretty leotard, bustier, or corset. Wear your hair in an elegant bun adorned with pearls, a tiny tiara, or flowers.
  41. Marionette: Use wire to hold a cardboard control over your head, with strings attached to your arms and feet.
  42. Dark Puppeteer: Good for those going with the Marionette, wear a dark cape, mask, and top hat while looking manipulative.
  43. Red Riding Hood: Use a red capelet and carry a basket, possibly with a cute apron and matching red dress. Ask someone to go as…
  44. The Wolf!: Tease your hair to huge proportions and add sticks and leaves; wear wolf-shaped mittens and any sort of fur items you have.
  45. Rapunzel: Wear your most princess-y dress and buy the longest wig you possibly can – braid it for easier wear and then thread it with all your favorite clips or a bevy of faux roses.
  46. Thumbelina: Have oversized accessories like a giant purse, huge hairbow (no problem there!) and a pumpkin painted to look like an apple.
  47. Supergirl (In Disguise!): Wear a skirt and blouse with a Superman logo tee-shirt underneath, and wear the blouse unbutton. Girls with glasses rock this look especially!
  48. Zombie: Inspired by the zombie walk or Zombieland, don your frills and then apply some undead makeup or prosthetics. If you’re going to a party, bring cupcakes decorated to look like brains.
  49. Michael Jackson: A military aristo jacket, one glove, and as many sequins as you can get your hands on.
  50. Harlequin: Diamond-patterned tights, a black and white outfit, and glittery masque. Do your nails to match!

Phew! There, 50 more easy costumes to pull together from your lolita wardrobe. If you use any of these ideas, I’d love to see the results! Send photos to the Lolita Charm email :)

For added inspiration, here‘s Chelle of Mermaids and Flotsam dressed as a charming lolita-version mummy!

I’m going to my college’s masquerade ball tomorrow night, so as for my outfit… you’ll have to wait and see!

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  • kidcaella

    the "happy pills" costume would be just as good with any crazy OTT print or dress! this is a really great list

  • hedgefairy

    These ideas are lovely! I nearly had decided to dress up as Red Riding Hood, but I just loved your "Where the Wild Things are", "Bottle of Poison", "Voodoo Doll" and "Box of Chocolates" suggestions… ^^
    I really need to reconsider my costume now…

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @kidcaella: I love that idea, especially a candy-print dress :)

    @hedgefairy: I'd love to see what you decide on! Adorable username by the way :)

  • kagitsune

    I'm going to be an aristo-inspired Vampirate! I'm so proud of the hat… :D

    But wow, these are are all excellent ideas! I'll have to keep this list in mind for other costume parties in the future… :3

  • The Fancy Lady

    these are such great ideas i love your blog glad i found it
    i nominated your for the Kreative blogger award you can pick it up here http://thefancyladygourmet.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-first-blog-award.html

  • hedgefairy

    Thank you again for the costume idea about "Where the Wild Things are"! I dressed as a somewhat older (and female) version of Max in his wolf costume, and although it wasn't very lolita, I had lots of fun with it.

  • Victoria

    I am Sara Crewe from A Little Princess in Lolita-style this year ^^