Lolita Blogging: Is It For You?

Recently the author of Princessly Living asked the community as a whole about how to make her blog more productive, and I replied with an absolute mountain of text. There’s a lot to blogging, probably lot more than people realize, especially at first. And just as Miss Lumpy and I predicted, lolita blogging has been on the rise. No sooner were the words spoken than lolita blogs started popping up everywhere! Maybe you’ve even thought of it lately – starting a blog about your favorite fashion or take on lolita. A little url, some graphics, and a bit of typing – can’t be that hard, right? Well – it is and it isn’t. Here are some tips if you’d like to get started:

  • Choose something you’re passionate about. In the case of lolita bloggers, they’re obviously interested in lolita. But narrow in a little closer – do you want to write about culture, fashion trends? Recipes, activities, or events? Maybe you want a jack-of-all trades style? Or is there are specific substyle you’d like to cater to in your audience? Can you feel like you’d be able to churn out a new thought or idea about your chosen subject at least once a week?
  • Audience: who are you writing for? I started out writing for mostly a lifestyle sweet lolita, generally because that’s who I am – but as it has grown and I have grown, it’s expanded beyond lifestyle and certainly beyond just sweet. I’ll be debuting my first Gothic style soon, keep watching! Today I stitched things together out of black veils…
  • A blog requires more skills than just writing, though a good writing ability is important (if it’s written in a boring tone, or never gets the point, your readers won’t be coming back!), you also need other skills. Running a blog is like being a one-woman (or man!) magazine: writing, editing, publishing, designing, and marketing your work. I do all of my own graphics, for example, and all my own coding and networking.
  • Network! This is the fancy, capitalist name for ‘making friends’. This actually one of the most fun parts of having your own blog. Read other blogs and get to know the people who read yours. Reach out to your audience. If someone has something you think your readers would be interested in (like a new fashion line, a specific makeup, maybe a book coming out) – go with it! You’ll meet some very fabulous people this way, and you and your readers are both entertained :)
  • Market your blog and yourself. If there are people who you think would want to read your blog, tell them about it! Mention it until people are absolutely sick of you, because out of the thousand who are sick of it, one new person might be interested. And if one person gets something out of what you’ve written, then that’s enough :) And as to marketing yourself: guess what – you’re a part of your blog! Hiding behind the screen isn’t going to help much. People want to make relationships, to develop an attachment to your blog. Have a distinct voice in your writing. Take photos of things you find beautiful. Film your own videos, and let people know what you look like!
  • Love your blog. If I didn’t have other commitments and did have a limitless supply of funds, I’d spend all my time working on bettering my blog. Buying products to tout, going to events to cover, shooting photos. It could easily be a full-time job for me (alas I also work, go to school, feeds the cats, you name it). It takes time and dedication – not only time on your part, but time on the part of the blog. It’s like a lavender plant – it is cultivated over years, not a short peak week. Speaking of which, LC is coming up on its one-year anniversary! Very pleased to say :) Exciting things going on then!

The most important thing about blogging is to love doing it. It’s definitely not for everyone – sort of like exotic pets. But if you can be brave and open, it can lead to quite the magical adventure. Don’t go in with expectations or thinking of it as a means to an end – do it because it genuinely makes you happy. It certainly does for me!

p.s. – Why yes I did slap a bow on this bloggin’ poodle, how did you know? Honestly though, who doesn’t love apricot poodles?!

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  • Chelsea

    I much prefer blogs that are personal (self taken pictures or a view of someones life) than the hundreds of identical blogs cutting images from magazines and other sites. I also think it is easyer to blog like a diary rather than a job.

    Your blog is always a nice read :)

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @Chelsea: I like doing both in my blog :) Sometimes it's about me, but sometimes it's about other topics that interest me and hopefully, my readers! So I try to get a bit of both worlds.

  • Caitlin

    Proofread your posts please, there are a few grammatical mistakes.

    I saw your post on egl and I agree with what you are saying about blogging. It is a tough gig.

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @Caitlin: yes, there are – it's like my brain is programmed to read it the way I want it to sound and not the way it's written!

  • Marie

    I don't feel comfortable showing picture of my face online when I can't control who see's it. I also use a slight pseudonym online (as my name is fairly unique) and I like to keep to that online persona so I don't get real life and online life mixed up. On the other hand, the RL friends I have told about my blog understand my use of a pseudonym and admit they would probably do the same. One day I might make my blog more about me.

    I really like your comparison of a blog to a one-man magazine. I didn't realise how much work actually went into a blog until I started my own! They should put that as a warning when you initially sign up to a blog service.

  • Maria

    What a lovely blog you have here! :) And you are soo sweet! I love the layout, especially the header. And you also have so lovely photographs! Good job i have to say! :)
    Hugs & Kisses from Maria :)
    (Sorry for my bad english, don't live in some english speaking country.)

  • Victoria Suzanne

    @Marie: Yes, that is true – the internet means a lack of privacy. Though as I often say, strangers find out personal information all the time. I've met a lot of my RL friends on the Internet as well, so I definitely let mine overlap :P But if you'd prefer not to, that's ok too.

    @Maria: Your English is wonderful :) and thank you very much!

  • Lady Kristen

    I never thought my question post would lead to an entry here. *embarrassed*

    I am overjoyed you used my link though. Thank you for posting additional information and advice. This entry was most useful. I will use this additional information and the advice you gave on egl as well. Thank you.

  • Caitlin

    I hope you don't think I was rude for my comment yesterday. I honestly am not trying to be mean I just have an eye for catching errors in text and feel compelled to point them out. Please forgive me. If you ever need a proofreader, I am your gal.

  • momoko89

    Thank you for this post, it encouraged me to start my own blog.
    Btw I really love reading your entries!