International Lolita Day!

International Lolita Day always manages to sneak up on me. A confusing point that I only realized today (yes… three years later…) is that it’s not yearly, it’s bi-yearly. December 6th and June 6th are both International Lolita Day.

Lolita Day, to me, seems to be about lolitas finding each other and realizing that they don’t have to be alone anymore. It’s sort of like meeting your first lolita friend. Just because we live in many different places, and come from many walks of life, doesn’t mean we don’t have something important in common. It’s not just clothes – it’s a certain view of life, as something beautiful to be cherished. That may sound overtly lifestyle, but I feel that any girl who likes the clothes has some special personality trait. We all have a specific binding makeup that brings us into lolita. I’m not sure what exactly that is, be we all have it. Every single lolita.

So in the video, you may see a theme: a lolita alone, who is greeted by another. Generally Miss Lumpy starts the shot and then extends her hand to me, or I run over to her. It reflects the idea that Lolita Day is about making connections. I think it is also sort of special that Miss Lumpy was my absolutely first lolita friend.

Today was nothing too over the top, we simply went to a pretty bakery and visited a Victorian garden. But we did have a lot of fun – just being lolitas – just being ourselves – together.

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  • Violet LeBeaux

    You two are adorable!

  • misslumpy

    I stole your picture for my post linking to the vids :)

  • Christina

    KAWAII! That was a wonderful example of what Lolita Day should mean! I cannot wait until I can get some Loli clothes and friends and join in on all the fun…darn economy…

  • Julia

    Perhaps Anna and I should have also had our own lolita day :)