Dear Diary: The Benefits of Lolita Journaling

This is my favorite little treasure right now! My aunt sent it to me, and I’ve been using it religiously. What for, you might ask? Don’t I have tons of online journals already, where I can keep oodles of thoughts, ideas, and musings – at the touch of a button? What do I need another one of those for anyway?

I thought the same at first! Besides my online journal at Livejournal, I also have an ‘art journal’ which is mostly comprised of my strangest feelings; a gratitude journal, where I keep fortune cookie fortunes and lists of things I’m thankful for; and now my Lolita journal and of course, what you’re currently reading, LC! But, my Lolita journal really helps keep me organized.

I’m not organized by nature at all! I’m the kind of person who likes to keep things in decorative heaps, and doesn’t mind collections of water/juice/teacups, and has made a mess of all the tags in my personal journal! But when I found myself forgetting things, losing great ideas, or making impulse purchases (!) I knew I had to step it up. Here’s what I keep in my Lolita journal:

  • WTB, DS, Recent purchases, etc: This is probably the most important section. If I think to myself, oh, I really need to replace my pink shoes, or, I love that print in that color! – I write it down in my Want-To-Buy list. I update this regularly – probably I write a new one every few days. If the same item keeps showing up on my list, it means I really like it and it has more buying interest. If I only write, say, piano-shaped purse once, it was a passing fancy and not worth my money. Direct-Sale, or DS, is anything I have posted for sale or would consider selling. Recent purchases means, obviously, I have bought this item, it should be arriving in the mail/it needs to be or has been paid for. The date helps me keep track of potential scams – if I ordered it two months ago and it’s not here, red flag! And I can keep track of what goes in and out of my closet. Consider it immigration for my clothes!
  • Potential coordinates: If I suddenly dream up a great coordinate, I write down the components and what would need to be purchased and from where if I want that outfit to be a reality. Usually I’ll also name the outfit and give it a ‘theme’ – a tip I picked up from various street snaps. So if my theme is my new bunny scarf, I’ll name it SNOW BUNNY PRINCESS, or something equally cute, to keep it on track ;)
  • Reminders: These are just notes to myself, like – handwash your new socks! Or, fix the scuff on your tea party shoes! Useful!
  • LC ideas: All of my ideas about Lolita Charm are kept in this book! The layout, graphics, ads, new articles, brain storms – yup, all inside! It’s a huge help.
  • Doodles! In my art journal I keep drawings, but these are full-scale doodles – little chibi Lolitas with big hair, or leopard-printed hearts, anything like that!

Other things you could keep in your Lolita journal!

Inspirational quotes; designs for new sewing projects, jewelry, or embroidery; meetup ideas; recipes; daily outfit records; hairstyle ideas; nailart designs; poems; short stories; photoshoot ideas; facial and hair treatments; music lyrics; pressed flowers; room decorating ideas; lists of beautiful names; daydreams; secret spells!
I really recommend you give it a go! It’s a fun way to document all of the little floral fairytales you keep for yourself – the daydreams that keep the spirit of Lolita alive inside of you.

(Bonus! A photo of my new BABY the Stars Shine Bright underbust bodice underneath! Isn’t it very princess-y? It reminds me of Lady Lovely Locks! See the full photo at my Poupee Girl!)

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