My Little Pony + Lolita

Since there has recently been a rising interest in decololita, and this is related to that, I thought I would bring it up. McDonald’s is currently giving away miniature My Little Pony toys with their Happy Meals, as I serendipitously found out when munching my McNuggets on Saturday. I got a Minty, (bottom left corner) which will match my Bloom OP perfectly!

First, some ways to use your McDonald’s Ponies:

  • Screw a hook into the back or head, and then thread with a chain for a necklace or keychain.
  • Glue them to barrette backs for hair decorations.
  • Glue pin backs to them for brooches on sweater, bags, or dresses.
  • Use their accessories (little combs, tiny cakes) as rings, charms, or necklaces.

My Little Pony may seem like another Western Lolita tack-on, like the Disney Princesses or Rainbow Brite. Cute, but not originally Lolita? Not quite. Maki has confessed that all of her recent pony prints – the magical pony purse, the pony JSKs and coat, are all inspired by her childhood love of the franchise My Little Pony.

My Little Pony has a special place in my heart, too. As a child of the 80s, I grew up with the ponies – including the movies and the television show, and a giant box of the plastic equines. I was actually born in ’89, so I hit the end of the decade and had to buy mine second-hand. I hit the jackpot at a tag sale and brought home about 30 of them in one sitting once. And then I carved the box into their ‘mansion’.

So, what is the appeal behind My Little Pony that they have reached their 25th anniversary (the reason for the new McDonald’s release)? Well, they have adorable candy colors, flowing manes with tons of loopy curls. They live in a delightful magical land full of flowers and butterflies. Somebody decided that it is totally possible to dress them up like princesses.

No wonder Lolitas love them. Sound familiar? In the 80s there was a sudden explosion of cartoons for girls, the like of which we haven’t really seen again. Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, Jem, The Stardreamerz (I think that’s the name, I had a coloring book with them), Care Bears, Popples, She-Ra – these were all oriented specifically for girls. (They then realized that boys will not watch girls’ cartoons, but girls will watch boys’ cartoons, so the genre was mostly cut). But it was an atmosphere and genre that really appealed to the things girls seemed to like – ponies, princesses, the bright colors, songs, friendship, etc. I think the fact that they finally gave it a genre and marketing plan (most of these things were extended commercials, really) was a brief moment when they actually began to cater to girls, to recognize them as a separate market.

Lolita started in the late 80s/early 90s and now seems to have taken up speed recently. Most of the current participants of Lolita were kids in that age range, and are now old enough to dress Lolita. Is that a coincidence? I think not. I think it’s just a reaction to remembering our childhoods and childhood influences, so why not add these things into Lolita?

So that’s my miniature philosophy about My Little Pony meets Lolita. Are cute things the new feminism? Instead of old feminism, which was about challenging men on their own turf (boxy women’s suits, short hair, bra-burnings), there could be cute feminism – women with what they like, for themselves – not part of men, or even built around men. Lolita is part of that, I think. Wear these sweet My Little Ponies as support for Cute Feminism!

And they’re giving these away FOR FREE* so how can you resist?

*with purchase of any Happy Meal or you can buy the damn things without ingesting unknown filth for probably a low cost of a few dollars. LC is not actually paid for by McDonald’s, more’s the pity.

Extra Gems!

How To Make A Pony Necklace

You will need: a jewelry pin with a premade loop on one end; a gold chain or ribbon; pliers; a gold jump-loop; a mini McDonald’s pony of your choice

Stick the jewelry pin with loop into the front hair follicle hole of the pony’s mane. If the hole is not big enough, widen it a little with a pen tip or needle. Surround the pin head loop with a little clear dry, strong hold glue. Let dry. Use pliers to open up and attach a jump loop through the pin head loop. Close jump loop. Thread gold chain and wear. Add decorations like charms, beads, or rhinestones if you like. I glued a few pink Swarovski crystals to my pony’s ‘cutie mark’.

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  • Dani

    I just got one of the McDonald’s ponies(Sweetie Belle!)last week and immediately made it into a brooch.(Mostly so I could post it guilt-free on poupee girl, I don’t know if they are legal by themselves…) I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with this idea! They are so cute!

    I grew up with My Little Pony, too, though not with any of the other shows you mentioned, though I do sort of remember Rainbow Brite.

    Anyway, I sort of see where you are coming from with the whole “cute feminism” thing, because for me personally, dressing up in more manly things is just not who I am at all. I like the frilly and cute things, and I shouldn’t have to change that to show my support for feminism.

  • seamstressy

    McD’s in my country doesn’t have My Little Ponies at the moment, more’s the pity, but next month they will be having “Hotel for Dogs” toys. One of them is a cute poodle! Maybe perfect for attaching to a poodle skirt :)

    Thanks for inspiring me to find out how to see what my McDonald’s stores have as toys!

    I’ve found really cute My Little Pony fabric on an auction site, but it costs $26 per metre! That’s a bit too rich for my tastes. Very VERY cute though.

    I am an 80s child, so I grew up with a few of those cartoons. I looooooved Rainbow Brite for all the pretty colours and her cute outfit. And I loved Jem for the music and the misfits’ outfits hehe. Sadly I missed out on She-Ra, it was probably on at the same time as other cartoons I watched avidly like The Smurfs, The Snorks or the puppet-filled Fraggle Rock or The Muppets (awesome shows, even great as an adult).

    I support this idea of Cute Feminism :) I wear the cuteness for me!