50 Easy Halloween Costumes for Lolita-chan

Halloween: for everyone in America, or any other countries that have taken up hob-‘gobling’ with this American holiday, is just around the corner. It’s only four days away! I hope you have your costume for the eve all set, for some great activities like trick-or-treating, partying, or carving pumpkins!

What? You mean you don’t have a costume yet? Oh no, what are you going to do??

Never fear, here are a bunch of easy costumes* you can make with your own Lolita wardrobe!

  1. Alice in Wonderland. The most obvious first! Any version of Alice you want to cook up, pink or blue or black. Mostly requires an apron to set off the look, but anything is possibly given there are some many Alice pieces in Lolita fashion.
  2. The White Rabbit. Pocket-watch or watch pendant, possibly a vest. Could swing either way to kodona or Lolita, whichever you prefer. Large, crazy bunny ears are a must!
  3. The Queen of Hearts, or any Queen of playing card. Red and blacks with the suit of your choice and a little queenly dignity.
  4. The Mad Hatter. A miniature or full-size hat with the requisite fraction card ‘This Style 9/10’. Note that the above also look particularly cute together as a group.
  5. Cat/Kitty. Be careful with this, you don’t want to look like a weeaboo off to the races. Wear some long velvet gloves to match (complete with Audrey Hepburn rhinestone and pearl bracelets), a set of kitty ears, and a velvet choker with a bell and bow. Outfit should match your ‘color’ cat – black for black cats, white for white. Velvet and fur look fuzzy soft. Don’t just slap ears on any old outfit.
  6. Bunny. This is similar to above, only worked towards the rabbit. Try theming your bunny with carrots or a different color besides white, like pink or black or even brown or spotted.
  7. Fairy. A lot of glitter, flower accessories, and a pair of matching wings to your outfit.
  8. Bride. Shiro. Need I say more? Add a veil and posy for extra cuteness, or a huge fake diamond ring (like at novelty or party shops).
  9. Fairytale Princess (generic or of your choosing). An easy hime-style, or try to copy a favorite of yours. Cinderella can be pulled off with plexiglass or plastic shoes, Snow White needs an apple. You can even try to copy the Disney color themes if you’re interested.
  10. Angel. For traditional, go shiro – with a halo and white wings. For a dark angel, go kuro – with a spangly black halo, or a ‘dented’ one made from coat hanger. Even better, a halo of coat hanger wire made to look like barbed wire. Brave your local Hot Topic for black wings.
  11. Marie Antoinette. Easy enough. Go a little guro with a red wound on your neck, or just add a red ribbon – a nod to the fashion popular in Napoleon’s day.
  12. Goldilocks. A blonde curly wig, sweetly simply dress, and a stuffed bear or two.
  13. Vampire. Gothic with teeth and the appropriate makeup.
  14. Witch. A miniature witch hat, easily made from felt and attached to a headband can spookify any suitable outfit. Try pointy boots if you have any, or even break a rule or two and use striped stockings.
  15. Baker. A paper chef’s hat, apron, the mountain of sweets jewelry you probably have, and a few felt cake slices for jewelry or headware.
  16. Balloon Seller. Especially cute for Magical Etoile! A cluster of pretty helium balloons, and a cutesy sign around your neck on ribbon that says, ‘Ballons 5¢’. You could add a mini paper ‘butcher’ hat if you like.
  17. Mad Scientist. Shiro or medical vintage Lolita, with the usual ‘shocked’ hair (good to put things in! – maybe mice, heart-shaped sunglasses for goggles, or anything else kooky), and a set of rubber medical gloves. Even a lab coat could be fun.
  18. Young Frankenstein. Gothic with the usual bolts and scars. Add artistic eyebrows in with liner to replace Frank’s deadpan wooly bears.
  19. Ita. Nothing scarier! If you have old clothes from your early days, give them an old whirl! Or inappropriately mix genres, like emo and Lolita. You could add a sign around your neck that says, ‘IS DIS RORI?’ Try to make it over-the-top obvious and humorous, or else you might be mistaken for a real ita!
  20. Mermaid. If you have any mermaid-themed clothes, now is the time to use them! Add shell jewelry, plenty of pearls, and shimmery tights for a ‘tail’ (other option: use a commercial mermaid tail for a Halloween shop under your skirt). A fascinator of fishnet and shells spray painted gold or silver would look beautiful in your hair.
  21. Pirate. Need I say any more? A water gun spray-painted can arm you to the teeth.
  22. Gangsta. Put on your best brand, wrap a pink and rhinestone bandana around your forehead. Deck yourself out in your biggest bling, and maybe a fake grill from a Halloween shop, and pack some (fake) heat. Time to roll.
  23. Geisha. If you have Wa-Loli, add the signature makeup and some geta for that mystery-of-the-East look. Paper parasol allowed!
  24. 50s Sock Hop Girl. Perfect for anything poodleish you have – you might even have a real poodle skirt! The side ponytail, saddle shoes, and bobby socks make it.
  25. Minnie Mouse. A bright red-and-white dot print with white gloves, Minnie ears, and big black Mary Janes makes an easy Minnie.
  26. Corpse Bride. A little blue facepaint, shiro dress, and a blue floral wreath and veil around the hair.
  27. Obama. Use the Lolita for Obama logo on a blue (Democratic!) outfit and a plastic Obama face from your local discount store.
  28. Palin. A red outfit with her usual glasses, a beehive, and a ‘second-place Miss Alaska’ sash. Or just be Tina Fey, either.
  29. Harry Potter. A great kodona look – needs the black glasses.
  30. Hello Kitty [Fanatic]. Wear white kitty ears with her signature red bow and a red and white outfit. Or for the fanatic look, just wear as much Hello Kitty merchandise as possible. (Oh wait, that’s every day…).
  31. Diabetes. Wear all of your sweets jewelry and sweets clothes. Scare small diabetic children.
  32. Droid or A.I. Wear some false bionics on your skin, either with paint or watch parts attached with spirit glue. Add a necklace with a ‘read out’ feed – a marquee-like bar on the front of a chain or rope of pearls. Go Chii-like with EARS – Electronic Audio Relay Systems.
  33. Dorothy. Blue gingham, a false Toto in your basic, and red shoes.
  34. Teddy Bear. Bear ears, some soft paw-shaped mittens, and an overwhelming urge to hug. Go get ’em.
  35. Gloomy Bear. If you have tons of Gloomy Bear or love Gloomy Bear, wear a little pink with fake blood (the kind you can get out, preferably) and pink bear ears.
  36. Nurse. Especially good if you have nurse-styled Lolita or vintage medical. Or just shiro with a nurse’s hat and a medical mask can go a long way.
  37. Pippi Longstocking. False red braids [stand them out with wire], mismatched socks, and freckles. ETC put out Pippi things too if you have any.
  38. Clown. A fun fro full of flowers and toys and brightly-colored outfit with foam red nose. Add hearts to your cheeks.
  39. Peacock. A Venetian mask can be easily made with a mask base and some peacock feathers from the craft store. Wear green, purple or black with iridescent beads.
  40. Unicorn. Shiro or super sparkly pink with a clay unicorn’s horn – easy to make with a little glitter and a headband.
  41. Grim Reaper. Kuro with a scythe and a veil of black netting.
  42. 80s Dancer. If you have any of the 80s inspired Lolita clothing, add a side pony tail and neon-colored tights. Facial glitter and wild stripes are a must.
  43. Jem (from Jem & the Holograms). Wear plenty of pink and silver, with a pink wig and her signature makeup. Star earrings are especially cute.
  44. Lumberjack. Anything plaid with a knitted cap and an ax. Wear with big boots and thick, sweatery socks.
  45. Stepford Wife. Use all your retrolita and pearls with a set of high heels and over-the-top lipstick. Act creepily servile.
  46. Batgirl. Kuro with a bat facial mask made from stretchy black material. Add black sequins for extra fun.
  47. Swan. Shiro with a white-feather mask and feathered white wings. Add a small gold crown for Swan Lake.
  48. Gardener. Anything floral with a floppy straw hat with a bevy of false flowers. Carry a watering can, and wear cute rubber boots. Try a simple apron with a trowel in the pocket.
  49. Devil/Demon. Wear black and red with glittery red devil horns, and add a pitchfork.
  50. The Solar System/Galaxy. Wear black or dark blue or anything star patterned; pin felt planets to your outfit. Add scientific labels if you like.

Hope you had fun reading this list and got a lot of cute ideas for a great Halloween! This week has a lot more special Halloween fun coming up, so see you then!

Want more Halloween ideas? Here is 2009’s list of 50 More Halloween Costumes for Lolitas!

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  • monkeyparadise

    So… cute! I loved this bunch of ideas! Thanks!

  • teddykana

    Looks like fun! I noticed that a Shiro outfit would come in handy for many of the costumes. I think the spraypainted water gun is genius (I'm bad at ideas) for pirate! My favourites are Queen of Hearts, Pirate, Nurse, and Geisha. It would be cool for people to go loli for Halloween in themed groups like the Pirates with a captain, all the Alice in Wonderland people, doctors and nurses and garden and garden animals/insects(butterflies)!

    Thanks for the ideas! I don't think I'll dress up this year in loli, but maybe next year!

  • Starlight Meiko

    Awesome! I was thinking of doing a fashion show at my school based off of these Lolita costumes and get some people I know to participate. It would be so much fun!

  • akaanika

    sory to be a bother but the mad hatters hat normally either reads 10/6 or 6/10 – ehheh -_-'
    Sorry I'm a alice junkie! XP

  • candiesandlaces (Valentine)

    This is so good, I want to do all of them.

  • Charlotte

    american holiday!!!!wtf nooo! its a british holiday for your information!! i really like you $ lolita but please do more research before you claim something is american when it just isnt!

    • The tradition of All Hallows Eve and its Pagan roots are from general Celtic culture, but it became a commercial holiday with candy and plastic masks in the American Victorian period – and thus developed the American name Halloween. I’m a Wiccan so trust me when I say I have done a lot of research on the history of Halloween and all of my religion’s holidays.

      • charlotte

        well then you should respect its roots!

        • Please don’t insult me on my knowledge of my own religious heritage. It’s very hurtful.